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Frankly, not everyone is able to Write Copy Right. In this Article we do our best to explain the qualifications of a good copywriter and what we should expect from him.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the clever writing a promotional letter for a product in order to bring in more clients to order the product and therefore to increase the sales of the business.


What Can We Expect From A CopyWriter?

Many people claim that they are able to perform as a copywriter but are there some distinct differences between someone who Writes Copy Right and one who is not able to do a good job.

1- A good copywriter has to be able to produce Landing Letters that would explain in details the benefits of a product and has to be able to convince the buyer to order the product.

2- A good copywriter is therefore able to cause the sale of the Company to go up and therefore, profits will soar.


What Are The Qualifications of A Good CopyWriter?

1- A good CopyWriter has to have a passion and talent for creating a great copy that would be effective and would increase the sales of a business.

2- A good Copywriter has to be trained on copywriting in order to possess a solid education in copywriting from a reputable Institution.

3- A good copywriter has to love to help others and to work for the purpose of creating a difference in the life of others and contributing to the Ecomomy of the Country.

4- A good Copywriter has to charge his client only if the client is satisfied with his performance.

5- He has to be able to provide a sample of his work.

What Are The Different Ways To Write Copy Right?

1- Direct Mailing by which the Copywriter will produce powerful sales Letter in order to be mailed to the clients and to receive order on the product from the clients.

2- Emailing by which the CopyWriter will send his Landing Letter to a email List of the Company and when the clients receive this letter , a percentage of them will order the product.

3- Content Writing by which the CopyWriter will produce the Landing Letter as the content for the client’s website and the clients will order on line.

Introducing Someone Who Is Able To Write Copy Right

I would like to introduce myself as someone who is able to produce a great Landing Letter because:

1- I know that I have a great passion and talent to create a great Landing Letter for my Client.

2- I completed Accelerated CopyWritng Course and B2B Course offered by AWAI which is a great and reputable Institution.

3- I have a sample of my writing and I love to help my clients in order to become successful in their business.

4- I offer 50% discount to those who want to increase their sales.

4- I guarantee my performance.

Contact Me : bijan.amid@gmail.com in the next 48 Hours and I will give you Additional 20% off and Free Consultation.

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