Why Honesty Is Always The Best Policy?

Why Honesty Is Always The Best Policy?

I remember many years ago my father told me about the way transactions were taking place between Companies. He said:”if Joe was buying a product from Bill, He would only promise with a hand shake to pay Bill so much money at a certain date “. He also said:” There was no contract and no checks- Only the word of Joe had value because people were honest.”

One day he asked me:” Why do you think honesty is always the Best policy time I was maybe 14 years old and I have not really exposed to any dishonest man; Therefore, I told him:” I think if you are dishonest and cheat others, you will lose your reputation and others will not deal with you.” My father said:” That is exactly true and you are a smart man.” He then told me that:” I want you to promise to me that you will never cheat anyone.” I did promise and I always remember that day.

IF You Are Dishonest, You will Create Loss And Problem For Yourself

Don’t Believe it ? Let me tell you a story of one of my relatives, Sam. He had a lovely wife and 2 beautiful girls with a great house full of gorgeous red roses right around a pool and all kinds of fruit trees. Entering the house you will witness a very large living room connected to the kitchen and a very attractive stair will take you to the other floor in which you will find 5 bedrooms. He had a chef who was preparing delicious foods like salmon, steak, chicken, etc. and 2 housekeepers who were constantly keeping the house clean. He was CEO in a production Company and was making over 500,000 Dollars per year. His only problem was that he was dishonest.

He was a very rich man and had a great life but he had a mistress away from his family in another house and he not only was spending a lot of money for her but also he was spending a lot of time with her lying to his family.

His wife became suspicious and one day we saw her at our door step. Her eyes were red, she was shaking, and she was crying. I asked her:” What is happening, Cindy? Why are you like?”

She said:” Sam has a mistress.” I hired a private detective and he showed me pictures from him going to a woman’s house, staying for 2 hours, and on his way out kissing her.”

I was shocked. Maybe not believe such a story but when I looked at the pictures I became certain that Sam is not honest.But the story did not end right here because she hired an attorney, filed for divorce, and not only got the children away from him but also took the house and half of his wealth.

I did not see Sam for another 8 years but one of our mutual friends told me that : ” After his divorce he started drinking,using drugs, and was going to work a few hours late every day. ”

Maybe not believe a man with all that money could become like that. I asked:” OK What happened to him afterwards?”

He said:” He spent all his money on women and now he is homeless living in one of the shelters.”

To Be Happy And Successful,

1- You Have To Give More Than What You Get

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2- You have to get yourself known by copywriting

By Copywriting, you will get more customers, your sales will go up, and you will prosper.

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