##What Is Time


Time is the motion that you observe which is an object or a man moving from one location to another in space and this we call time.

Would There Be Any Time If Nothing Moves?

Absolutely not because you are not observing any change of location in space-

Look at the picture above– We have a clock but we will have time if something moves in this space shown in that picture. Do you agree?.

How Can We Control Time?

  • We have to have a plan written every day in which we would set up the actions we will take during the time that we have.

For example: We write for Wednesdat that:

1- we will have a CC with John at 8:30 AM

2- We will have to have a meeting with Mr. Hees at 9:30 AM.

3- We will have a Board Meeting at 10:30 AM

4_ We will have Lunch at 12:30 PM

5- We will have a meeting with the Department Managers at 1:30 PM

If we do not set up a plan for our day, we will not have control of time- Is it correct?

Is Time Passes With Different Speeds For Different people?

What do you think? The answer is: Yes, because each one of us is able to create more or less time depending on different abilities different people possess.

How Can We Possibly Have More Time?

  • We have to plan our time as explained above.
  • We have to try to do more and more in a unit of time as we progress in our planning.
  • We have to get rid of as many distractions as possible .


1-Time is motion and if you want to have more time you have to have more motion.

2- We have to plan our time every day in order to be able to control it.

3- We have to try to set more actions during the time that we have.

To Be More Control On Time:

1- You need to hire a Life Coach in order to help you

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