What Causes The Stress?

What Causes The Stress?

Do you really want to know ” What Causes The Stress?”? I am sure there are a lot of people who have stress in their lives and either they do not do anything about it or they go in the wrong direction and they end up spending a lot of money with no results.

Some People Believe Stress Is Part Of Life 

Yes I have known a lot of people who have stress on their every day living ; Therefore, they are upset , angry , miserable, and are living in a terrible life because they have a wrong idea that stress is from the work area, from the family, and overall every day life will bring one stress.

How Do People React When They Are Stressed?


1- Some people become very angry and hit whoever they talk to with violence, throw things around in order to break them,

2- Some people just sit in a corner and cry .

3- Some people make everyone wrong and criticize everyone around them and therefore, everyone around him become very resistive , very uncomfortable, and even try not to talk to him as much as possible.

4- A lot of people start drinking in order to calm themselves but will create many other problems for themselves and for the people around them.

What Are The Consequences Of Stress Causing Violence?

Look around you and you will find many instances like this :

  • Family Courts: Many divorces are happening every day because the wife or the husband have stress and due to that become drunk or start fighting or hitting the other family members which will lead to divorce and the horrible consequences.
  • Accidents: Many car accidents causing serious injury or death are caused due to someone is stressed, is angry,  many times is drunk , and is driving a car causing fatal accidents.
  • Crimes:If you investigate the crimes and if you talk to the criminal who has killed someone else violently and even for no reason, you will find that he had serious stress and he was not even conscious of his actions when he was commiting the murder.
  • What Would Be The Problems For People Who Have Stress?

1- Stress develops disease Many diseases are caused by stress because stress damages the immune system of our body and when our immune system is not able to defend the body we end up getting all kinds of diseases.

2- No one Wants to communicate with such a person because it gives one a bad feeling; Therefore, the person with stress will have a lonely life.

3- He will get in fight with his boss and he will get fired.

How Stress Has Been Treated

There are different  philosophies with different beliefs :

1- Years ago there were those people who called themselves Doctors and they used to cut a piece of someone’s brain in order to handle his insanity and his stress – That person ended up to become like a vegetable.

2- Years later shock therapy was invented and used for those in stress or severe mental problems but that machine created a lot of other problems for the patients

3- Psychology believes that stress comes from the brain and relays to nervous system and if we control the system we will be able to handle the stress; Therefore,they have invented a Bio feed back machine in order to bring under control the nervous system and therefore, control the stress.But this is like handling the symptoms because when someone has stress , it effects the nervous system and by handling it, we are not handling the real cause of it ; Therefore, it will not go away.

4-Psychiatry prescribes different drugs for those in stress but it numbs the patient , shut down a part of his brain , and creates many harmful side effects.

5- Also Psychology has invented psycho therapy which means that a therapist asks questions on the problem the patient has but this invention does not handle the stress because there is no real science behind it.

Introducing The Technology That Handles Stress

In 1954 Dianetics, The Science Of Mental Health was introduced by Mr. L. Ron Hubbard  – Dianetics is a technology that when applied will remove stress and the person will not be under its effect any longer.

Mr. Hubbard found out that we have two kinds of Mind- One is Analytical and the other is Reactive – We take pictures from our environment continuousely and store them in our mind-

Whenever we get into incidents that contain pain and unconsciousness, our reactive mind records the pictures and later on when we perceive any scenery similar to the one in that incident, the reactive mind plays what has been recorded which contains stress.

How Is It Done?

A profession who is Licensed Dianetics Auditor( Auditor means to listen) wll conduct a session with you and by asking you questions on the incident, you will recall what has happened and therefore, the stress will be removed and you will no longer experience its effects.

We Are Licensed Dianetics Auditor And We Will Help You.

Dianetics and Scientology are TradeMark and  Service Mark owned by Religious Technology Center and is used by its permission.

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Prepared By : Bijan Amid’

Author: Bijan Amid

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