We Are Your Friends

We Are Your Friends

Frankly it is not easy to find friends who are loyal, want to help you, honest, and tell you with sincerity:”We Are Your Friends”

We are in a dark room in one of mid summer days in California, There is a woman, maybe on her 50,s with long hair, a dark shirt, weighing around 70 pounds lying down on the death bed.You could not witness a bit of motion in the room. Looks like everything is dead There are 3 others in the room,his son Ali, his daughter Linda, and his Grand Daughter Sue. They were all dressed up in black and they were all crying. In the other room there were around 50 other relatives also in black and crying.

The house was really a mansion and belonged to my friend, Bob. Entering the house you will witness a plateau made of red marble stones which will lead to a large garden full of all different colors of flowers and in the middle of the yard, you will find a gorgeous pool. There is a curving marble stairs leading to 5 bedrooms upstairs and in each one there are all kinds of facilities.

Bob lost his father only 6 months ago due to long cancer and since then he has been taking care of his mother who came up with long cancer as well .

Mother Passed Away

I was in the house with my wife and my 2 kids but I did not know what to tell Bob and how to comfort him.After about 10 minutes just standing in the hall way I walked with my family up the stairs where everyone was waiting clearing my thoughts on what I could tell him

When I saw him coming towards me, I lost my control and started sobbing when I noticed I was grabbing him and I told him:”Sorry for your loss- We Are Your Friends”He was still crying very hard but I felt what I said cooled him down.I told him”This is life and no one absolutely is able to stop someone’s destiny”He said: Thank you so much. I am so blessed to have a friend like you.”

Anyway, Bob’s Mom passed a way after 2 hours and after 3 days we put her in grave. After the ceremonies ,

loss grief bereavement

I told him:

1- What is done and you will never be able to bring your mom or your dad back again.

2- There is no use crying or sobbing.

3- Life moves and you have to move on.

He said ” Thank you but I do not believe I could ever forget this tragedy.” because:

1- I could not save my parents.

2- I wanted to have them on my side for another 30 years.

3- Life seems unreal to me because I feel the loss.

Bob Was Looking For Remedy For Loss?

After the loss of his parents, Bob was really lost because he had none to go to for help and he could not believe such a misery to happen for him so sudden and so early in his life.

He started going to :

  • Fortune tellers.
  • Buying and reading books on past lives.
  • Massage therapy.
  • Gym
  • Travel all over the world.

But although he had a lot of money but still he was living in hell and was feeling very bad.

Whenever You Have Problems, You Need A Therapist To Help You.

Yes whenever you have stress, anxiety, body pain, Mental pain, loss, or any other problem in life, you will need the help of a therapist; Otherwise, you will continue the rest of your life with problems.

Imagine what is the difference between waking up every morning in your palace looking out the window of your bedroom to watch your beautiful garden full of variety of different flowers and your magnificent pool full of fresh blue water with beautiful fishes swimming in it and if you wake up feeling pain, misery, and loss.

In the first case :

  • you love life because life means enjoyment. You love going to meet new friends and invite them to your palace. Then as time passes you will have more and more friend

Therapy Treatment Plan

Is there a therapy that would help in handling the feeling of misery after a loss? Yes, there is.It is called Diabetics and it will help you if you have:

1- Body pain or mental pain.

2- Lost a loved one.

3- Stress or anxiety.

4- Worry

I helped Bob by delivering the technology to him and within a few hours he felt completely relieved- He was happy, he was full of joy, and he could experience the beauty of life once more

How Does It Work?

This is not anything like hypnosis. The therapist will help you to recall the exact moments of loss, pain, unconsciousness,or any other disaster which will enable you to get rid of their effects and to experience a better survival.

We Are Licensed Diabetics Therapist.

We will be able to help you recover from your miseries and problems in life.

If you call us with in the next 48 hours, we will give you a free therapy session. Call No: 3106663755 Bijan

Disclaimer: We are not claiming that we will heal anyone and the cases differ from one person to another; Therefore, we can not guarantee anything.

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