Once,one of the very famous kings in the history had a new born little boy-the King celebrated by inviting about 500 famous people to his palace. Each person brought a gift for the King. There was also a witch who came forward and offered a red tulip to the King as the gift for the baby and told him that the baby will experience ” ” Viewpoint” of a different people who live in the country whenever the tulip changes its color and the tulip will live as long as the baby lives- If the tulip dies, the baby will also die.

There were a band with a great singer playing through the palace, there were ladies wearing all kinds of dresses with red, yellow, blue, and white colors. The palace was decorated with many colors of roses like red, white, purple, and pink .

There were several long tables across the main room of the palace with incredible smell of barbecued beef, chicken with red sauce, many salads, Caviar many dishes of fish with their magical smells, and the servants were serving many kinds of drinks including beer and whisk y.

The king named the baby ” ” Viewpoint” and everyone wished that the baby to become a very talented and educated young man and will be able to become the King after his father.

” ” Viewpoint” was growing and growing and as the tulip was changing its color, he was experiencing different viewpoints and he was reporting to his father; Therefore, the king knew how different people in his country was viewing things.

The King And The People

King was so happy with the ability of ” ” Viewpoint” that any decision he wanted to make, he was looking at how his people were viewing things and what he had to do in order to make them happy.

The king died and “Viewpoint” became the king – During his life also all the people were happy and were living in a very high standard which made that country the wealthiest and the most powerful country in the world.

What is Your ” ” Viewpoint”?

Your ” ” Viewpoint” is the way you look at things which is determined by:

  • Your education: It is very obvious that a Doctor has a different “Viewpoint” than an Engineer because each of them went through different training and that makes the difference in their ” ” Viewpoints”
  • Your Family: Father and mother have a great impact in a person’s life because of the family they were grown in and their own education.
  • Family’s Life Style: Definitely a kid growing up in a wealthy family will have a different ” ” viewpoint” than a kid who grows in a poor family because a wealthy kid enjoys a great life, great food, beautiful house, nice car, great school, high class people to deal with and different kind of thinking but the poor family kid has only problems that he has to deal with on a daily basis.
  • The School one goes to: A school that has great teachers will have a great effect on a kid’s ” ” Viewpoint” and he will experience a better and a higher success than a kid who is dealing with teachers who punish the kids or criticize the kids or do not try to teach real life matters to the kids.

What Do You Need In Order To Change Your Viewpoint?

  • You need parents who teach you how to judge what is wrong and what is right in order that when you grow up you will be able to operate on your own.
  • Teacher plays a great deal on a Kid’s life because it is up to the teachers to teach the kids the real life matters like : communication and much other stuff .
  • Educational System: We really need a drastic change in our educational systems. WE have to have additional courses in schools for children in order to prepare them for a real life with all its challenges- The kids have to know what life is really all about and also a good understanding of finance.
  • Exchange: You have to learn since your childhood the meaning of “Exchange”and you have to know that the only way to survive is by honest living- If we teach this to criminals and if they also know that they will get themselves in problem if they steal, they will stop doing it.

If You Have Problems In Life, You Need Life Coach

Why? because :

  • Many things that you have to know in order to have a happy and successful life and it is Life Coach who will be able to help provide you what you need.
  • If you do not know Life lessons, you keep failing and failing – Each time that you fail you waste a lot of time and energy which causes a lot of problems and stops for you.
  • You Do Not Even Know What You Do Not Know: Yes, you operate a certain way year after year but do you know that there is a better way than how you are living and you could be more successful and happier than how you are right now?

We Are Life Coach And Therapist

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Prepared by: Bijan Amid

Author: Bijan Amid

Published on: Oct 2, 2019

Picture shows how we , as a life coach will be able to help someone for a better life.

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