##Therpy Counselling

##therapist Counseling 

Have you ever wondered if you need Therapy ?Of course, if you do not have any problems in life, in your business, or with others, you do not need it

No One Is Perfect.

Is that true? Yes, we all have problems and we all need some help; Therefore, you need to get therapy counseling.You might tell me that you are capable of solving your problems in all aspects of life and therefore, why should you spend your money in order to get help from someone else?

##Can You Solve Your Problems?

Frankly, we all have problems that we can not handle and we need help in order to handle them .

You Will Not Succeed If You Do Not Handle Your Problems.

Is that true? Yes it is why? Because whenever you have problems that you are not able to handle, you will not be able to operate fully as a sane person – Meaning that you will not be able to use your full knowledge, your full experience,and your full capabilities in order to succeed.

What is The solution?

You need to hire a therapy consultant to help you to become cause over your problems and to be able to handle them- You will gain in the long run when you pay for the services you get because your success will bring you much more money than what you pay to become successful.

##You Either Handle Your Problems Or You Live With #Stress, #Anxiety,  #Worry,Problem,And #Pain.

Yes let me tell you a love story from someone who is still alive.I have witnessed one of my friends who happened to meet a woman many years ago.she was just a normal girl but my friend became very much obsessed with her.

She started to invite him to dinner every night, was very nice to him, traveled with him, and in reality gave him the very best service for the first year. She came from Brazil with her daughter and she was working as a house cleaner.

My friend told me that : ” ” Carol told me a few days ago that she is looking for someone to pay for her expenses.” ” I asked him :” ” What do you mean by that? I am sure you did not promise her that you will do that. What the hell her expenses has got to do with you? ” ” John looked at me with lot of anger. His lips were shrinking and his eyes were looking right at me. He said: ” ” Of course I accepted- I have money, I love her, and I do not want to lose her.

Although she wanted to marry him but he failed to marry her and instead he was paying only $2,000 per month for her expenses plus $1200 for her rent. The strange thing was that after she started receiving her expenses she was not giving her anymore services. She was not answering his calls for the whole month-Only when it was time for her rent, she used to answer his call and invite him for dinner in exchange with a check for her expenses.

Many times I told him:” ” John, this is crazy – Why do you waste your money like that? She does not love you, she does not give you any service, and you are not getting anything out of this relationship. Why do you continue? He always said:” ” I love her, I want to marry her and if I do not support her, she will go back to Brazil and I lose.” ”

A few years ago she went to Brazil and told him :”I traveled with a wealthy man who gave me $20,000 and if you want me to come back, you have to send me $20,000 to pay back to this man.” ” When,I heard that I was shocked – I could not believe that this is happening. I told him:” ” That is a lie – You are not going to pay her that. Are you? He said:” ” I paid so much money to her in order to keep her for myself and not this man is taking her away from me. I can not afford to lose her and I will pay the $20,000.” ”

It was a disaster because every single time she was the winner and he was the loser. Every year her rent was going up and he was paying more for her rent till it came to $2,200 – Meaning that he was paying the total of $4200 cash every single month and his savings was going down every month.

2 years ago he told me:” ” I have lost all my money after paying her for the past 30 years and then I borrowed $40,000 on my credit cards with 25% interest and I have also paid all I borrowed and now I have to pay $800 to credit Card Companies.” I told him :” ” You are crazy – How many times did I tell you that you need to get therapy and pay a little to handle your insanity instead of wasting so money? He said:” ” She needs my support and although she is 70 years old but still I love her and I can not afford to lose her.” I told him : ” ” This is insane- You not only do not see her and only deposit money in her account but also she puts you in anxiety every single month by not answering your phone till you pay her rent and you can not even control that.” ”

After paying her all he had a few months ago he stole money from his Company- I did not know but one day he told me that: ” ” I had to pay carol and I did not have money ; There fore, since 18 months ago I was getting money out of my Company and I was paying Carol- My partner found out- He took me to court and now I have to go to prison for the next 10 years.” ”

Do You Need To Handle Your Unwanted Conditions?

What Happens If You Do?

  • You Will be happy because survive nicely.
  • You will succeed in whatever you are doing
  • You will have lots of friends and you will enjoy your life.

What Happens If You Don’t?

  • You Lose a lot of money much more than what you have to pay in order to handle your unwanted conditions.
  • You Live depressed, with anxiety, in Pain, and with worry all your life.
  • Your life will have no value while you are in that condition. Therapist Consultant .

We are a therapist consultant and we will help you handle your unwanted conditions in order to become happy again.

Please let us know if you agree with us or you disagree- We want to hear from you.

Contact us Now and we will offer you your first session free of charge.

Therapy Consultant


Author: Bijan Amid

Prepared by: Bijan Amid

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