The Wealthy Route

The Wealthy Route

Frankly, we all want to take “The Wealthy Route” but either we do not know how to get there or we do not have the possibilities to get there.

Those who take ” The Wealthy Route ” will have a wonderful lifestyle and will be very happy but those who do not take it will be in poverty and lack the happiness in their lives.

What Is The Wealthy Route?

We all know that each of us has to make choices all through his life but there are very few of us who recognize “The Wealthy Route”, walk on it . and become prosperous.

“The Wealthy Route” is the survival route and when we provide the possibilities, all we have to do will be to walk on that route.

Imagine there really exists such a Route that is covered with one hundred Dollar bills and you are actually walking on that route. The Rule is that you are allowed to pick up as many Dollar Bills as you can till you have enough, Would it not be wonderful?That route is “The Wealthy Route”.

What Is The Wealthy Route in Your Business?

The answer is very simple and straight. Whenever the sales of your business go up, your income will go up, and therefore, you will start walking on “The Wealthy Route”.

How does it feel? It feels great because you will then be able to buy anything you desire, live in the most luxurious house, travel to the most beautiful islands, and always be proud of yourself for your great accomplishments,

Whenever you have dinner with your family or you invite a few guests, your wife, and your children will tell everyone that you are exceptional because you have been able to bring your business to a phenomenal level of profitability and therefore, they will all be proud of you,

One of the guests will ask you: ” How were you be able to become so successful”? You will look at him with a sense of pride and you will say:” It has been a very tough route but I was able to handle the problems and therefore I succeeded.”

 Did You Decide To Spend Or To Save?

There are always situations in your business that you encounter decisions.  You will tell your guests the story of how you became wealthy as follows:

I had a call from Mr. James who said:” Hello Mr. Johnson, How are you?” and when I asked him what he did, he said” I am a copywriter and I will be able to increase the sales of your business in order to keep it above the competition and to bring you on The Wealthy Route.”

You then said: ” I asked him what he exactly does and how much it will cost me.”He said: ” suppose For every $1,000 that you spend on copywriting, you get 100 new customers and you benefit $100 from each order by the new customers, You will get ten times your investment back.In Addition, your new customers will introduce your product to their friends and their families and therefore, your sales will keep going up.”

Did You Accept The Offer From The CopyWriter?

You then continued your story in response to the question from one of the guests and you said:” Yes, of course. I spent money as an investment in order to start walking on ” The wealthy Route” and then I was collecting $100 Bills on my way .”

All the guests admired you and you became very famous. The story will be continued as your income went up and therefore, you became happier and more prosperous.

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