##The Quality Of Life

https://copy-writers.org/for-better-lifeFrankly people are living in this world with different understandings on :”##The Quality Of Life”. Is that true?

Would Expensive House And Nice Car Give You A High Quality Of Life

  • Majority of people enjoy nice cars and expensive houses and they actually believe that they do have a high quality of Life because that is all they knew since they were a child- Like Jim – His mother and father were married for the past 12 years, he was 10 years old and was living in a 5 bedroom house. The house was beautiful located in the best area of town with a garden full of red and white roses and a pool that would give it a great view when the family wanted to enjoy themselves in the evenings to get together with other relatives and play cards or just chat.

Jim was very happy because his father owned several food chains and was making a lot of money ; Therefore, he could have the most expensive outfit ever possible, the most expensive shoes ever possible, and he had Alma is the most de vicious and the best foods.

  • Is The “##The Quality Of Life”something standard and the same for everyone?

I do not believe so because different people appreciate different things and one single thing would not be satisfactory to all

People Copy Others Without Themselves Wanting It.

Yes, most people copy from others and because certain people believe Luxury cars and luxury houses are determining ” ##The Quality Of Life” ; Therefore, they have to also have “Luxury cars and luxury houses”

  • People Have To Find What improves ##The Quality Of their Lives”

Yes that is different in different people because Bob might like to travel and therefore, for him traveling will improve the quality of his life where Sam likes to donate the Hospitals ; therefore, donation to Hospital improves the quality of his life.

You Have To Know Yourself In Order To” Improve ## The Quality Of Your Life”

Yes, Otherwise, you will only copy from others for the rest of your life and you will believe that is the right way .

  • You Need To Get educated on life in order to get to know yourself- You are a part of life ; Therefore, to know you, you have to know life.

    Bob just came out of high school. How would you believe that he would be able to improve his life? If he just continues the way he has been performing, he will be the same way another 30 years from not but if he wants to transform himself he has to get hold of all kinds of books that could give him knowledge about LIFE – Yes he has to learn about himself, 1-Who he really is,

  • 2-Different ways that he could learn and improve himself.
  • 3-What he could do in order to bring himself from the level he is to a higher level of performance.

    Still The Following Are What He Has To Change:
  • You have to plan to learn.
  • You need to use your education and apply it

Can You Do All These Yourself?

No, Of course not. Why ? Because you will be hitting many obstacles and problems that will prevent you from getting there.

What You Need To Do

You Need to Hire a Life Coach in order to guide you through and to help you

  • To Know Yourself
  • Get rid of Anxiety and depression.
  • Help you plan your life.
  • Help you transform yourself .
  • Help you To Succeed.

We Are Life Coach- We Will Help You to improve The quality of your Life. Life Coach- Contact us.

Author: Bijan Amid


prepared By: Bijan Amid

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