#Relationship Problems

#Relationship Problemsmarriage

How would you be able to handle: “#Relationship Problems”?

1- never create any disagreement.

2- #Create the loving relationship every day.

3- Handle any disagreement with communication.

4-Never hide anything- Never be dishonest. If you are, your relationship will be in problem.

5 -Allow your spouse the same right you allow for your self.

6- Never lie or try to show anything different from what it is. Your spouse will find out you are lying and does not appreciate it.

7- Always be loyal and keep your loyalty. When you are violated this rule, you will break up your relationship and you will end up into disaster

Relationship is a 2 way street and it always has to be kept alive by feeding the positive and beautiful emotions and love in order to grow and grow every day.

We are Life Coach and We Will Be able to help you to improve or to recover your relationship with your spouse and to enjoy a happy Life.

Prepared by: Bijan Amid

Author: Bijan Amid’


Picture shows how dishonesty and disagreements will create a disaster in a relationship.

Posted Sep19,19

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