#Personal Development #

#Personal Development

.self improvement

Is #“Personal Development” Possible? Can you make yourself better? What is the reward for you?

Ways to Develop Yourself:

  • By #Reading: You will be able to expand your line of thoughts and by learning new things and someone else’s thoughts, you will be able to operate better, handle your problems, and become more successful. Just remember when you read a book of your choice and how the author guided you to a city that he traveled he met his old college friend who was not married and had 2 children but now his friend has gone bankrupt and decided to kill all the members of his family including himself. when you read how much the author enjoyed when he convinced his friend not to commit this criminal act.You will also make new decisions in your life and you decide to help others in every possible way if your help will change their lives.
  • By# talking to others and getting their help: Again talking to others will expand your horizon, you will learn new ideas, and you will be able to use other people’s experiences- I remember I was so afraid of snow skiing that I never even thought of doing it. One day in the winter time when snow was on the ground,one of my friends came after me and drove to the mountains where there were lots of snow and lot of people skiing. He took my hand and step by step showed me how to ski. I practiced, and practiced until I could ski perfectly.
  • By# Traveling: Traveling will open a new world for you:

1- You will meet different kind of people who think differently and you will learn their line of thoughts which teaches you ideas about your life.

2- You will experience different kind of culture which means different cities , different streets, and different ways people doing things

3- You will experience a different kinds of foods that helps you to experience other cultures

  • By# Deciding That You Want To Know Yourself.
  1. You have to know what you really want in your life How do you know? You will know by going through the 3 things that was explained so far in this article.
  2. when you know about yourself, you will be able to choose the route you want in your life.For example: You want to choose a profession, when you know that you want to become a surgeon, you will plan the route. You will arrange the finances, you will get the acceptance from your family, you will study hard, and you will dedicate your time in order to make it
  3. when you know yourself you will be able to plan on the direction for your success and you will make it. Have you seen people who try many things in their lives and they get nowhere at the end? They work as a clerk but they will quit after a few months- They will work as a dental assistant, but quit after a year. Then they tried to become a house cleaner and they quit after 6 months. They just keep trying many jobs with no results.
  • #By Learning a Profession: This again will happen if you know yourself and you know what you want to do in your life. Just remember when you just graduated from high school. How useful could you be to the society? now You went and studied how to become a heart surgeon. How much value do you have now?

1-You are now a very important man because your friends admire you, Anywhere you go, you will meet people who respect you and thank you for your help.

2- You make a lot of money and you are successful. You will have a beautiful house with a garden full of red roses, a large pool, and your family are sitting besides the pool eating their dinner

3- You enjoy your work and you enjoy helping others. Whenever you go to work, you feel great, you feel a sense of accomplishment, and you know that you are helping others .

  • #Stop Doing Things That Harm You: 
  • Do you have any bad habits? Can you get rid of them? How can you possibly do that?
  1. By comparing one, s life when he is doing the action that harms him and when he is not doing that- Suppose your friend smokes, he has bad breath, he has short breath, he feels he is not healthy but he has to remember the time that he was not smoking and how much better and healthier he was,then compare the 2 scenarios., and decide which one is the right choice.
  2. #By exerting self-discipline: Yes. You see a lot of people who smoke, drink, use drugs, go to casinos and lose a lot of money. How can they get rid of their harmful habits? They have to decide that they will change their direction and do it – They have to write a plan of action step by step and just follow it in order to get the results.
  • You Have To Decide To Develop Yourself. 

1-Yes, Nothing will happen in your life unless you do not decide for it to happen. Just imagine you are at home and it is Sunday morning at 8::00 AM. The clock will tick and after another 15 hours it will be 11:00 PM which is time to go to sleep, if you just sit there and do not decide on your course of action.

2- Now let’s look at how you will be able to make things happen: You decide that you want to go out and have lunch at a Restaurant with your friends. Then you decide the time, then you decide to call your friends.and then you decide to drive your car to the restaurant and to meet your friends- You have to decide all these steps in order for them to happen for you.

3- Can you Decide To Fail? Yes, If you decide to fail you will fail. Look at those people who are bombs in the corner of the streets. How did it happen? They decided to become bomb and now they are one.

Why Some People Are Not Able To Perform?

  • They Are Stuck and they need help to get out of this condition. Let’s look at 2 people with the same education and the same possibilities but one of them will become a millionaire and one barely makes a living.
  • The problem is that they do not even know that they have problems.

Why Don’t people Ask For Help?

  • Either they do not know that they have problems.
  • They believe that they will lose their reputation if they ask for help.
  • They believe that no one will be able to help .

What Is The Qualification OF The Person Who Could Help?

1- He has to be a life Coach and be knowledgeable in all aspects of Life.

2- He has to love to help others and make a difference in other person’s life

3- He has to be a therapist in order to help with those unwanted emotions or things a person is forced to do and he does not want to do them 

 .self improvement

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