Makes More Money

Makes More Money

Frankly for many years I have always asked myself “Why a lot of people don’t look outside the box?”I could not really come up with a logical answer.until one day I was at a dinner party with an old friend of mine and I asked that question. He raised his eyebrows, looked at me with a lot of surprise and said: ” Because they are stuck.and if you look outside the box, that Makes More Money.”

Look Around,Money Is On The Ground

We all know that money is not on the ground but if we look around in order to find a way to improve our business, we will find money but how can we make our business more profitable ? The answer is : ” We have to have a plan based on our weekly sales.” Are we looking for more sales or are we trying to stay in the same situation for the years to come?

Just imagine sitting in your garden next to your pool watching the green grass all over the ground and the red roses around the pool. Looking on your left you see your white marbled palace with 7 bedrooms in 3 floors worth over $10Millions and the servants serving Nabob and whiskey to your guests all over your garden.

It was the engagement party of your daughter and you have 300 guests for this event- You and your family are so happy and joyful because you had a successful business, you had your business known, and you made a lot of money.

If You Want More Business You Have To Get Your Product Know

Many people start a business and just wait for the business to grow and to give them profit. Unfortunately, this will never happen and if you operate on this basis, you will have to file bankruptcy after a few years of borrowing and keeping up a losing business.

You might ask me : ” What is the right way to make money in a business?” The answer is” You have to get your product known in order for the buyers to come and to buy from you and then you will make money”.

Find Out How To Get Your Product Known

Let me tell you a story. A few years ago there were 2 friends graduated together from the same college and both started their own business. One of them decided that he would allocate a budget every month for promotions in order to get his business known and the other just waited for the business to grow. After ten years the one who promoted became a millionaire and the other had to file bankruptcy.

In order to get your product known, you have to promote like mad. When people know you, they will come to you and they will pay you in order to buy what they need ; therefore, you will have a profitable business.

Discover The Proven Way To Promote

Copy writing is absolutely the proven way to promote. Yet you might ask :”what is the copy writing?” Copy writing is writing a blog or an article about the benefits of a product or a service in order to convince the customer to buy that product and it is done in the following ways:

  1. E mailing: When you send the Article by email to your prospective buyer in order to increase your sales.
  2. As content of a website: When you write the copy writing as the contents of your website in order to attract more customers and become prosperous.
  3. As Blog in Social Media: When you post your Blog in the social Media in order to communicate to your friends or the community and to introduce your product to them.

  4. As ad in Magazines, Newspapers, or printed as fliers in order to increase your sales.

Can You Save Money By Writing As A Copywriter Yourself?

Let me tell you the scenario. Suppose you started a fast food business in a great location. If you asked me what you had to do in order to become prosperous, I will tell you that you definitely had to hire a copywriter like me in order to write a very convincing blog using his knowledge and his training but you disagreed because you wanted to save money and do the job yourself. You would have ended up spending a lot of money for promotions with your copy writing blog and you would have failed because you did not know how to do the job – After a few years you would have lost a lot of money and you had to close down your business.

Each Job Has Its Own Technology

Let me ask you a question:”If Your car breaks down, can you fix it if you are not a mechanic?”Definitely not because in order for you to be able to fix your car, you need:

1- To possess the knowledge of a mechanic .

2- Have the tools to do the job of a mechanic.

3- Have done sufficient mechanical job in order to be able to perform as a mechanic.

If You lack Copywriter Training, You Can Not Perform AS One.

Is this true? Definitely because if you do not know how to do something, you better leave the job to a professional in order to :1-Get it done right .

2- Get the desired result from it.

3- Benefit from it.

Copy writing Training That I received1- A good CopyWriter has to have a passion and talent for creating a great copy that would be effective and would increase the sales of a business.

I completed Accelerated Copy writing Course offered by AWAI which was very comprehensive with a lot of exercises which enabled me to become confident to operate as a good copywriter. I have also written a few blogs for my clients in order to help them in increasing their sales.

Contact Me Now And I Will Help You

Yes I will write powerful blogs about your product in order to increase the sale of your business and in order for your business to stay above the competition



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Comments (11)

  1. Beauty In A Maze

    It’s also important to know that if you’re attempting to make money from a blog or website, you’ll need to build authentic relationships with people and create content  that helps people. It’s also important to receive proper training that will give you the knowledge you need to create and grow a well-developed website that people are going to find visually appealing.

    1. admin In reply to Beauty In A Maze

      Thank you for your comments- You are definitely right – One definitely needs training in order to gain the knowledge in order to be able to develop a good website along with training on copywriting and communicating with the members of AWAI in order to prosper.

    2. admin In reply to Beauty In A Maze

      Dear Aria,
      Sorry for the delat in responding to you- I do appreciate your review and I totally agree with your comments about training and content- Content is definitely the most imortant part of writing but as you said one has to have trainig in order to start writing.

      Thank you,

      Bijan Amid

  2. Karen

    Very interesting article.Thank You!

    “If You Want More Business You Have To Get Your Product Known”. That is absolutely true!

    In my training I’ve learned that “content is king”. That the more content you write the more traffic you will receive. This usually takes time to build up the content and build trust.

    At this point in my business, I can not afford to hire a writer, but would be interested to know what your rates are. Do you charge by the word?

    Looking forward to your reply.


    1. admin In reply to Karen

      Thank you for your comment- I definitely love to help you . Could you let me know what kind of product you have and if you live in Los angeles or not.

      I do not charge per word _ I charge on the basis of what you want to get done and believe me my intention is to help you rather than just to make some money ; Therefore, your satisfaction is priority for me.

  3. Eugen

    Hi there,

    Great tips. As the person who runs several websites I definitely agree that a good copy makes a difference. I can remember my beginnings when I didn’t know absolutely nothing about writing and it was even harder as the English is not my first or even a second language.

    I have found a great technique of writing with a use of bucket brigades words, do you have any experience with them?



    1. admin In reply to Eugen

      Thank you for your comments- What you said is definitely true but although I am not a native American but my English is good and I did not have any problem like you.

  4. Anusuya

    I was trying to differentiate between copy writing vs. blogging while reading this blog.  The blog offers  simple but powerful examples, so you can see the difference. I was able to understand them.

    Copy writing is essential for product promotion and product promotion is absolutely essential for your business growth. If power of copy writing is exercised or weave in to the blog, it drags more customer.

    Blog need to having high quality content but copy writing will add icing to it so customer will really test the flavor of the blog.

    It is a powerful blog and I expect it to have a massive outreach.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. admin In reply to Anusuya

      Thank you so much for your great comment – You really explained it very thoroughly and came up with the benefits of copy writing and the difference between the copy writing and the blog.

      What you said in these few paragraph is very true and I have really experienced how copy writing would be so much powerful and so much beneficial to the overall profitability of any service or any producing business.

      I do believe that a good copywriter would really be worth more than what he earns  due to his benefit generating.

      I would like very much if you would like to help me and in return I will also help you in getting more successful in your business.

      Thank you,

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