What is# “Luck“? Is it just a privilege that some people have and some others do not have? Is it something that god has given to some and did not like to give to others?

Do you think that this is true? Of course not. There is no such a thing as #”Luck” and you can not absolutely expect a miracle without putting up :


2- Planning

3- Hard work.

How about those who are in the same level and all of a sudden one of them wins a Lottery or becomes a Millionaire out of nowhere?

  • He has already made up his mind that something will happen for him.
  • He has a lot of positive intention.
  • He directs all his energy into what he wants to happen for him
  • He gets results.

In order to become Lucky, you need Life Coach.

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Author: Bijan Amid

Prepared by: Bijan amid

Date Published: 08/15/19

Picture shows someone who has decided to become rich , planned , and worked hard in order to get there.

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