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#Life Coach

Let me tell a story: a few years ago around 10:30 PM, I had a call from my friend, Joe. When I picked up the phone, II heard someone crying. After a few minutes, I recognized it was Joe. He said:” Please help me, I am desperate, I do not know what to do, and I do not know who to go to.”

What would You Do If Your Wife Leaves You?

He said: ” Sue( his wife) has just left me and said that she wants divorce.” I was shocked and I did not know what to say- I thought for a little and put myself together and said: “What do you want to do?” He said:” you are my friend and you are my coach- You got to help me.

“Everything In This World Has Its Own Technology

Joe started crying again and said:”I do not know why she left me – Since 3 months ago that I went to NewYork for a week for my work and came back, she was totally different – We married 3 years ago and we loved each other and all of a sudden she told me that she will leave me because I lost $50 in a horse racing.” I thought a little and I gathered all my knowledge together on all the aspects of life from the courses that I completed and understood why this happe


 Why A Relationship Collapses?

If one of the partners is promiscuous to the other, she will withdraw herself from her husband in order to stop harming him. In this case I invited both of them to my house for a consultation and during the questions I asked from Sue,”What have you done to Joe?” she said:” During the week that my husband was out of town, I invited my ex boy friend and had sex with him.”. When she said that Joe became very upset up, and even wanted to beat her but I stopped him and said: ” Thank you for telling us, Sue- People make mistakes and I ask Joe to forgive you if you are still interested to live with him.”

A Torn Relationship became a Great One.

Yes Joe forgave her, they got up, hugged each other, thanked me, and left to continue their wonderful life. Can you imagine what I did for them? Can you imagine how much I helped them to get back together and live happily for many years to come?

The Beauty Of Knowing How To Help Someone

Yes, when you have the knowledge on how to help someone, you will be able to do miracles- The story that I wrote was just one of the many miracles a Life Coach is able to do for anyone

Do You Have Unwanted Conditions In Your Life?

Unwanted Condition is any kind of condition that you have and you are not able to handle it. I am sure you do because everyone has several problems that he has, he does not want it, and he is not able to get rid of it.

Do You Need Help And knowledge To handle unwanted conditions in your life?

  • If you are not able to help yourself, would you like to live the rest of your life with that unwanted condition?
  • Don’t you believe that you will be hurting yourself if you do not handle that condition?
  • Do You agree that your life will be so much better if you handle that condition?

You Do Not Know That You Do Not Know

Is it not true? Let me list a few things that you do not know:

  • You do not know about yourself.
  • You do not know about others.
  • You do not know how you will be able to establish a better relationship with people around you.
  • You do not know what you have to do to avoid quarrels with the members of your family.
  • You do not know why bad things happen to you.
  • You do not know why you do something that you regret later.

Are you able to Live In Darkness Or Are You Able To Come To Light?.

  • If you do not handle your unwanted condition, you will always stay in darkness.
  • If you do not handle your unwanted condition, you will be losing the great happiness that you could have experienced if you have handled that condition.
  • The earlier you handle that condition, the more you will get out of your life and the more you will be living.

How Does A. Life Coach Help You?

  • He Could help you handle your unwanted condition and therefore, you will have a happier life.
  • He Could help you to get knowledge if necessary and get you out of darkness.
  • He Could help you to be able to perform better in life.
  • He Could help you to be able to communidcate better with your family and your friends.
  • He Could always be there for you and will help you to survive better.
  • He Could answer any question you may have concerning life and your problems in life

What Unwanted Conditions Life Coach Will Help:you To Handle In Your Life?

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Worry
  • Loss Of Hope
  • Pain
  • Loss Of a Loved One
  • How Many People Will We Accept?
  • We only accept the first 10 people who contact us first and ask for help

We Are A Life Coach And We Will Help You

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Author: Bijan Amid

Prepared by: Bijan Amid

Contact Information: 310-6663755

18324 Clark Street #306

Tarzana, CA 91356

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