##Leave Abusive Relationship

##Leave Abusive Relationship

Frankly, It has always been hard for me to even imagine someone is abusive but unfortunately there are many people like that .

Who Is Abusive?

  • Someone who is taking control of your life and you end up operating according to his orders or his wishes.
  • Someone who hurts you physically -Meaning that he might hit you by hand or by any other tools.
  • Someone who abuses you mentally- This kind of people use all kinds of words in order to break you and hurt you.

Why DoesSomeone Do Such A Things Like That?

  • They enjoy power and the feeling that they are in control.
  • They usually benefit financially- Meaning they get money from the victim.
  • The person has been in the same situation in his life and now he does to another what has been done to him.
  • These people are mentally sick and they need treatment .

Life Story

I happened to know a friend of mine who met a lady 30 years ago- She was coming from Brazil with her child and was working for $10 per hour-She found out that my friend has a lot of money and forced him by exerting control to pay her rent ( $1300 )and $2000 for her expenses.

He paid her exactly what she wanted for 30 years till the lost all his money, his savings, and he even borrowed on his credit cards in order to support her until he was left with nothing.

She was saying that if you do not pay, I will go with another man or I will go back or by not answering his calls she stayed in full control and he thought that he loves her ; therefore, he had to pay her expenses in order to have the opportunity to marry her whenever he wants.

She told him just a few months ago that:” I will get married to another man – Whenever you decided to marry me, I will come back to you again”.

The best way that she could control him was by not answering his calls and when that happened, he was getting in a great pain,anxiety and would offer her money in order to get his calls answered only.

The story ended when my friend ended up broke and homeless because she left him for good and he could not tolerate losing all that money and end up in a total disaster.

How Would Abusive Relationship end up?

It is not so easy to predict exactly the end of this kind of abuses :

  • Either the controller gets all the money he wants from the victim.
  • Or the victim end up insane.
  • Or the victim might end up killing himself or killing the person who controlled him.

Quiz: What is the solution and what do you have to do if you are dealing with someone who controls you?


  1. You either have to come up with a set of agreed terms with the person who controls you- Meaning that he will not abuse you any longer.
  2. If that is not possible, you have to leave that per son and have nothing to do with him.

What If You Stayed With That Person?

  • You will become sick and you will have stress, anxiety, or all kinds of other problems.
  • You will have problems on your job because your attention is always on your condition.
  • Because you operate according to someone else’s orders, you will have a disastrous life.

Quiz:Is There A Way To Safeguard Yourself From Being Abused?

The answer is “Yes There is”.How?

  • You have to get educated on knowing the abusive person and how to deal with them.
  • You have to Drill in order to get the confidence to handle these people.

How Do You Get Educated?

You need a Life Coach to:

1- Educate you in order for you to be able to get out of the control of an abuser .

2- To Deliver therapy to you in order for you to be able to get back to your life again.

3- You will get the confidence not to get in that condition any longer.

We Are Experience Life Coach – We Will Help You.

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