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                                                       Learn Copywriting

You might be very much surprised about this Title and you might ask yourself if you need to “Learn Copywriting”?

You might not have even any interest in copywriting or you might even prefer to hire someone whenever you need a copywriting done.

Why Do You Need Copywriting?

Frankly, It is very easy to answer to this question. I can g ive you the answer but I want you to come up with it .Do you have any friend or family who is very wealthy?Have you been to his mansion? I am sure you remember the minute you reached to his door step.Just imagine a luxurious wide open door that you entered leading to a marble shining floors . On the walls , you see the original  painting of Rambrant  and a few steps up will lead you to a mahagony piano with your friend on a black suit , curly hair, long fingers, with wide eyes, and a hat was sitting on a mahogany chair and playing the piano

The red waved marble stairs leading to the rooms upsatairs and right infront of you , you see a wide table with all kinds of foods like caviar , dishes of salmon, and steak. You will also observe the garden with gorgeous red colored trees and flowers on the two sides of the road.

You have your answer. Yes you need copywriting to become a millionaire like your friend.

Define Prosperity

Prosperity is the condition in which you grow your business and each week that you meassure your growth , you will notice that your income is higher than the week before.

You might ask how you will reach the prosperity. There is only one answer: ‘Through Copywriting’. Why? Because by copywriting you get to introduce your business and your product ; Therefore, you will have more sales which will lead to prosperity.

Best Copywriting

Now you might think with yourself :” OK I will prepare a good copywriting and I will use it for promoting my product which will lead me to richess.”Unfortunately, this is not true because in order to come up with a good landing letter , not only you have to be trained but also you have to have a talent within you to be able to create something that will attract and convince the customers to order the product and to generate a sale.

How Did I Learn To Become A Copywriter?

1- I read the promotions on copywriting and I realized that I loved to help those who are looking to become prosperous .

2- I realized that I loved to create landing letters in order to attract clients and to create the sale.

3- I registered for Accelerated copywriting course offered by AWAI – I studied and I did all the drills.

Best Deal

1- I offer you my full dedicated attention in order to provide a great copywriting letter for your product.

2- I offer you a free consultation.

3- If you are within the first 3 people that contact me, I offer you free copywriting in exchange to a review.

4- For those calling after my first 3 clients, I offer 50% off.

Contact Me Now : bijan.amid@gmail.com    Website: copy-writers.org




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