Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge Is Power

I was just remembering years ago when I was very young. A friend if mine asked me: “What is the absolute most valuable commodity in life? “I answered” Money” He looked at me with awe and said: “You can not make money without knowledge; Therefore, knowledge is Power”

What is Knowledge?

Do you know that every job in this universe has a technology of its own and if you do not know it, you will not be able to perform- What do I mean by that? Let’ s give you an example: Suppose you want to become a Brain Surgeon. What do you have to do in order to be able to operate?

  1. you’ve to study hard and finish your high school.with top grades.
  2. You’ve to talk to your father in order for him to finance your Medical school.
  3. You’ve to apply for Medical school and get accepted.
  4. After, completing your medical school you have to specialize in brain surgery.

What have you done when you get your license as a brain surgeon? you’ve learned the technology of how to operate as a brain surgeon and this is called knowledge.

Knowledge Leads To Success

Frankly when you have gained the knowledge or the technology on anything, you will be ready to perform and to succeed but still you need to:

1- Practice : Yes you have to operate and practice whatever you learned in order to become confident and be able to do it right.

2- Make sure you are able to get the job done right –

What Is The Knowledge Of Life?

Knowledge of life is the technology that you have to learn in order to :

  1. become successful in your relationship with others at work.
  2. Become a success in your relationship with your family.
  3. Become a success in your relationship with your friends.
  4. Become a success in knowing yourself.

What Is Life?

Life is an opportunity given to you between your birth and your death in order for you to :

1- Increase your knowledge of life.

2- To find out what you want in life.

3- To set up goals in order to reach your dreams and make it come to reality.

4- Life in reality is what you make out of it- For those who are able to perform and for those who have problems, it is a nightmare that they have to tolerate and wait till it ends.

What Happens When You Have :Pain Or Anxiety. Or Stress, or depression, or Worry?

That is the time that you will not be able to function. Then life becomes very boring to a point that :

  • You will not be able to function ; Therefore, you will not be able to even know what you want.
  • You will not be able to set up your goal because you do not feel like being able to accomplish anything.
  • You do not feel like you are even alive.

Do You Know What You Are Made Of?

Do you believe you are only body? No, This is not true – You are a collection of:

1- You as a spirit.

2- Your body which dies after certain time.

3- Your mind which is a collection of all your memories during all your earlier lives and present life

W hat Is The Determining Factor In Success And In Failure?

I remember there was a true story in one of the magazine’s promotions which was very interesting : there were two college graduates from the same college with the same possibilities and now after 20 years they are back as Alumina but one of them is the CEO of a big Company and the other is only a manager of a firm- Why were they so much different?

  • It was not like one has more power or was stronger than the other
  • It was not like one was richer than the other.
  • It was not also like one was smarter than the other.

One of them was reading a very famous business Magazine and therefore, developed knowledge.

Also, one was a happy man with positive goals and the other was depressed and could not perform properly.

Therefore,. The difference between people and if you see one is total success and one is not the difference of their body but it is the memories registered in one’s mind which creates problems for him and those memories are not registered in the other person’s mind.

How Good Do You Believe You Are Performing?

Please ask yourself:

  • Am I able to plan my day?
  • Am I able to get the planned tasks done?
  • Am I able to get good results?
  • Am I able to communicate with others easily?
  • Do others like to be with me?
  • Am I able to handle my problems?
  • Would I be able to get something or to become someone if I want to?

If you responded positive to these questions, you are doing very good and indeed you are a very happy person; However, if your answer to one, a few or all of these questions is negative, it means that you have problems in your life and you need help.

Do You Agree That If You Handle Your Problems You Will Be Able To Set Goals And Reach Them?

If you do not agree with me, please tell me what other reason you are not able to do a certain task and your friend is able to do it; However, if you agree with me, what do you believe would be the solution to handle your problems?

If You Are Not Able To Handle Your Problems, You Are Not IN Control

What does that mean and Why am I saying that? Because at one point you have withdrawn, you have lost the control of your life and now you are not able to handle your problem.

Let me give you an example: Suppose you are married and you have a job that pays you $5,000 per month and you have to pay $2,000 per month for your rent. Your wife wants you to give her $2,000 for her personal expenses and for buying food. You will not have enough to pay for many other expenses and you have to borrow from your friends and your associates every single month- After 2-3 years you have created a lot of debt and you do not know how to pay them

You go and ask your wife:” could you please tell me how you spend the $2,000 every month.” She says: ” None of your business and if you do not like it, I will leave you.”

This is a serious problem and it has to be handled but you fail to handle it and day by day the problem gets bigger and bigger because you fail to confront it and you fail to handle it.

It is just like driving a car- Either you are in control or the car is and if you are not in control, you will have accident and many other problems. Do you agree?

This is a cycle that you let it happen all through your life and it will keep happening as long as you are not in control and as long as you let it happen.

How Could You Possibly Reverse The Cycle And Become The Controlling Source?

Let’s discuss the situation the husband had with his wife- What do you believe has to happen in order for him to be able to control his finances and to convince his wife to stop taking $2,000 per month?

1- You Need knowledge and training in order to know how to talk to your wife and what to say in order to get her agreement.

2-You also need Life coach in order to help you step by step on the way in order for you to become case and to be able to handle the situation

The bottom line is that when you know how to do something you will be able to be in case of it and you will be able to handle it.

We Are Life Coach An Will Be Able To Help You In Your Life

Yes We are trained Life Coach and we will be able to help you with any problem you might have.

Contact us: Copy-writers.arg

ue are looking for people who want to become a member for our Lifre Coach program- If you do, We will provide you with:
1- Knowledge : To help you be able to become cause over your life and be able to handle your problems.
2- Coaching : We will help you by responding to your questions and helping you prosper in your lie

Please let us know if you are interested- We want to hear from you and know about your ideas.

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