Intention &Your; Destiny Intention Have Any Effect On Your Destiny?

What do you think? Frankly lot of people believe that everyone’s destiny is preset and you have nothing to do with it but Intention & Your destiny are directly related.

Have you ever noticed that if you get up in the morning and if you tell yourself that it will be a bad day, you will have a horrible day?

The Story Of My Friend

Joe was very negative and he always believed that the worse will happen to him – One day he called me at 9:30 AM, I noticed that he was crying. I asked him: ” Hello Joe, what has happened to you? Why are you crying so bad? What is wrong?” He said:” This moving I came out of my house at 6:30 Am I going to work because I had to meet a client. I told myself that it would me a horrible day. As soon as I came out and drove in the freeway, I noticed there was something wrong at the car. I came out and saw that I had a flat tire. It took me half an hour to fix it and then when I was about a mile from my office a truck ran the red light and hit my car on my side. I am now in the hospital with broken ribs and shoulder.” I told him: ” I told you never wish negative things for yourself.”

You Make Good Things Happen By good Intention>

Do you agree with that?

  • Do You want to make a lot of money? Have intention that you will make money and it will happen for you.. Look at al the rich people. They definitely had intention to become rich.
  • Suppose you want to become a Doctor, you have to have a positive intention to make it happen ; Otherwise, it will never happen.
  • You have to have intention not to get corona Virus and if you strongly believe that, you will not get sick.

Is There difference Between People On Their Intentions?

  • Some people have positive attitude and intention towards life and therefore, good things happen for them.
  • Some people are always on the negative side – They believe their life is horrible, they will have a bad day, they will have accidents, and therefore, all these things will happen to them sooner or later.
  • There are people whose intention is not so powerful and they also wish bad things to happen for themselves sometimes.

How Would You Be Able To Possess A Positive Intention?

  • You need to change you intention and always wish good things for you.
  • You need to stop wishing anything negative.
  • You have to associate with positive people only because the negative intention of others will have a direct impact on us.

How Could You Have A Positive Attitude If You Are Always Having a Negative Intention?

  • You need education in order to understand you situation and how you could change it .
  • You need therapy in order to transform you intention from negative to positive.
  • You need someone in this field to help you and to guide you.

We Are Therapist and Counselor and we will be able to help you.

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