##How You Can Make More Money And Stay Above Competition

##Can You Find A Way To Make More Money And Stay Above The Competition?

Frankly, there are definitely several ways ” To make more money and stay above the competition” but which one would you prefer?

The Story Of My Friend

well John was a very good friend of mine and still is. He started a Health Food store because he always loved to deal with nutrition and wanted to help people to become healthier and happier.

One day he called me after about 2 years of opening his store and asked me to go there and meet with him. I could not refuse his invitation although I was very busy. I remember very clearly that I got to his place around 5:00 PM. He came to me upon my arrival and greeted me and said:” Hello pal, how are you? Please take a look at my place and tell me if you like it or not.” I looked around and I saw a very well organized store with so many products. I looked at him and said:” You have a lovely store. How much is your income every month?”

I felt that he did not really want to answer me because he was looking away and was really very nervous but after about 2 minutes he said:” I thought I will be making a lot of money after I started this business but I have been borrowing almost $100,000 for the past 2 years in order to keep the doors open.” I looked at him very deeply and said:” John, come on. Do you really believe that as soon as you open the doors people come and buy from you?” He said:” I know – I have been printing fliers and having a company deliver them to people’s houses. Is it not enough?” I told him : ” No, you need someone professional like me to copywriter for you.” He said : ” What do you mean by copy writing? I just wrote a few lines about my products and discounts and I thought that was enough. ”

I looked at him and I said:” Have you ever read a book?” He said : ” Of course, I have and I loved every single book that I read because I have been so much absorbed to the story the way the author was explaining it.” I asked him:” Would you be able to write a book that others enjoy?” He looked at me and said:” No, I am not a writer.” I said:” Then why do you believe that you could do a good job promoting your products?”He then asked me to explain to 

him how I do the promotion that is different from what he does .

Copy Writing Is An Art And A Copy Writer Has To Write An Article That Attracts Attention:


  • To describe the product fully: All the details of the product has to be fully described for the customer in order for him to understand what he is getting.
  • To describe The benefits of the product has to be laid down in such a way that the customer understands that the product will be good for him and if he buys it, he will benefit from it.
  • To excite the buyer towards the product in such a way that he really gets excited to own the product.

How Would The Copywriter Attract The Buyer To Comply:?

  • He has to be able to connect with the customer by his blog. This is done by writing the blog in such a way that he gives the client valuable information in order to attract and get his trust.
  • He will give a story to the client in order for them to become more friendly.

The Copywriter Has To Be Able To Prove That The Product Works

  • This is done by providing several statements from past customers that used the product and what kind of rating they have given to it.really needs to have many customers to provide the rating for this product in order for the client to become convinced that the product is good.
  • Articles from Magazines written on the product will also be very useful.

The Real Value Of The Product Has To Be Pointed Out

  • Copywriter has to show what the real value of the product is in comparison with other products or the real benefit for other people and this is done by very carefully analyzing the benefits of the product and put value on each of them.
  • The copywriter will have to show how much value the product has by solving the client’s problem.

The Copywriter also Has To convince The Client That If He Buys He Will Get Certain Bonuses and Discounts

  • The copywriter will show that for a limited time there will be for example 20% discount.
  • The copywriter will also offer additional bonuses to the client

We Are Also A Professional copywriter willing to help you increase your sales and stay above the competition as we did for John and his business became very profitable and he was making a lot of money.


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  1. Alblue

    Thank you very much for sharing this information. I’m still learning to become a good copywriter, so this information is very useful for budding copywriter like me. I get a general knowledge of copywriting here, but is there a certain ‘formula’ or ‘rule’ when writing a product sale landing page copy? One of my clients want me to write good sales copy, so I am searching the best formula to write it. Thanks

    1. Bijan In reply to Alblue

      Thank you so much for your review – I have had training on copywriting and it will be my pleasure to help you in any way.

  2. Hamish58

    Thanks for this interesting read. I must say I have been a freelance content writer for nearly a decade and I wish I had access to this kind of guidance when I set out LoL. I can endorse your approach and knowledgable guidance, only because I learned the trade the hard way by making lost of mistakes and adjusting and improving as I went. I would recommend your site to anyone starting out in the trade, thanks I enjoyed reading it.


  3. Ella

    Wow! This is quite some bits of information that everyone of us would find interesting especially copy writers like me here. In all honesty, this is golden and I intend to keep it so. I am a big time lover of having great opportunities to improve my copyediting earning offers and this will help to up my game. I’m delighted I read this and thanks

  4. John

    Thank you for your post.  This is a really easy to understand article on the benefits of copywriting and how important it is to all businesses and websites.
    I love the way you shared the story of your friend John with the Health Food store.  This was captivating and also wonderful that you were able to help him.  My key takeaway is in our website blog, we must always explain the benefits to the reader or buyer and help them with what they are looking for.
    Wishing you success in your copywriting and helping more people!

    1. Bijan In reply to John

      Thank you for your comments – You are totally right about explaining the benefits to the reader – That is the most important aspect of copywriting- I have completed a copywriting course offered by AWAI which gave me a lot of knowledge.

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