How Valuable Is Help

How Valuable Is Help

In order to answer this question we have to recall the times that someone helped us. How did you feel at the time?How valuable was the help of that person to you?

You Have To Consider The Situation First

  • Are you helping someone who is able to work and he is not working? What does he give you in exchange for your money? If he is not giving you anything, this exchange is called criminal exchange

In this case helping a beggar is harming him. Because if you help someone who is healthy, you are giving him money without him making any exchange with you and this is wrong. Why? Because the purpose of money is to exchange it with service or commodity of equal value.

Let’s look at a situation that happened to my uncle in Italy 50 years ago. It only shows a clear case of criminal exchange. He was riding in a Taxi while the Taxi driver stopped and 2 other passengers came in the Taxi. The driver started to drive out of town and he was in the middle of the two passengers. One of the passengers was talking to him in English and told him :”I have two hundred precious watches for sale. ”

The other passenger pretending that he does not understand English started talking to him in French and asked him

:” What does he say?” My uncle said:” He has precious watches for sale.” The man showed interest in the precious watches while the Taxi driver was still driving out of town.

The French speaking man expressed his willingness to buy the watches but he said:” I love to buy them but I have no money. Why don’t you pay for them and I will meet you in your Hotel, pay you the money, and get the watches.”

My uncle realized that this was a rubbery but he was not in a position to disagree; Therefore, he paid for the worthless watches $10,000 and he never saw the French speaking man after that day.

In this case my uncle had no choice but to pay for the watches. This is a clear case of criminal Exchange. Those men ripped him off.

How About When You Have To Offer Help

Let’s consider when my friend was passing in a street at 10:00 PM three nights ago and he noticed a kid ten years old on the sidewalk with ripped off shirt, torn shoes, laid in a corner. He walked to him and asked him: ” Why are you here? Where is your father? Are You hungry?”

My friend told me later on : “The Kid could hardly talk and hardly move. I noticed that he was half conscious. He was so dirty that his whole outfit was black. He could hardly open his black eyes”. The Kid said with a very low toned voice:” My father is alcoholic. He hit my mother with a bottle last night and he was coming after me with the bottle as well. I escaped but I have nothing, I am hungry and I do not know what I could do.”.

Of course, he helped him. He brought him to his home. He gave him clothing, food, a place to sleep, and put his in school. My friend and his wife adopted the kid and the same kid became a very good Doctor.

Have You Received Help When You Needed It?

There has been many instances for all of us when we were a kid and our father or our mother helped us to grow up, to go to school, and to become a useful member of the society. We return that favor by helping our children to grow up and to become someone important.

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