##How To Tell If Someone Is Lying

Do you agree that it is very important to be able to tell if someone is Lying or not. How could you do that?.There are many articles and materials written on this subject and I will try to provide you with the easiest ways .

##Why Do People Or Companies Or Media Lie?

Can you guess?There are several reasons:

  • In order to damage the reputation of someone or a business in order to benefit financially . I want to give you a very real example: I was born in Iran and I personally witnessed what happened in 1979. I read an article written by president Carter and in that article he stated that because the Shah of Iran was getting very powerful and there was no way he could have been able to get rid of him, He said that the only way was by religion.He cooperated with British government, paid a lot of money to Khomeini , set up a campaign with British Broadcasting and local media, he was able to manufacture lie against the shah and by doing so millions of people who were moved by their religious beliefs gathered in the streets and demonstrated against the regime .

Shah was doing very good for the country and within a very short time, the country was becoming productive, educated, powerful, and wealthy but unfortunately due to the lies that was said against him, he had to leave the country in 1979 and as you all know a religious dictatorship replaced him,destroyed the country , killed lots of people, stole a lot of wealth, and brought the country to a state of poverty.

  • In order to destroy the name of a business : I am sure you have seen many instances of this – A Hamburger shop just opens and he knows that there is a very famous Hamburger store close to him. He hires a few people to go to the other store during lunchtime or dinner time, distribute his fliers and tell people that that store makes bad hamburgers but he has all organic and satisfied customers and they should come to him and try his Hamburgers.

##Can You Really Deceive People To Believe The Lies?

Yes of course. For example in our first example Khomeini promised to poor people to give free housing, free water and power along with cash to every member of their family . People believed what he said but after he came into power and failed to stick to his promises, people recognized that they have been deceived but unfortunately it was too late because the power was in the hands of a bunch of criminals and when people started to demonstrate, the regime killed a lot of them.

##What Would Be The Consequences Of The Lies?

  • The entity or the person against whom the lies were uttered , will get damaged or totally destroyed
  • The person who manufactured and scatted the lies, will benefit financially .
  • It will sometimes take a very long time for the people to find out the truth

How Would You Know If Someone Or An Organization is telling The Truth Or Is Lying?

  • Look at both sides: It is just like a court of law- Just imagine if you are a judge and someone walks in your court and who claims that his friend has stollen $1,000000 from him, what would you do? Would you accept his words?You would know by allowing the other side to tell his case and only if you do that you will find out the truth .
  • Ask The person to give you the details, live examples, and the reason on his belief- If someone tells you that he saw your father was coming out of a bar drunk, you have to ask him:” what day ? What time? Where? what was he wearing? ” The person is not able to manufacture all the details and then in order to make sure you can tell if your father was evened out at that time or not or if he had such a jacket or not.
  • Find out why that person is telling you negative and destructive statements against someone? By doing that you will know that if he is benefiting from his lies or not.

#What If A Person That Tells You A Lie Has Been Deceive Himself?

  • Media give you a false accusation against someone and you believe it. Don, t before finding out the truth.
  • Someone tells you lie against your partner or anyone you know. Again you have to ask him who told him that and find out how that person is benefiting.

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