How To Succeed In Life

How To Succeed In Life

I am sure many people are continuously looking to find ” How To Succeed In Life” but most people operate on the basis of trial and error- They find a way that they believe will lead them to prosperity and success but when they fail, they will try another way.

There are also certain groups of people who know exactly what to do in order to become wealthy, they do that, and they will succeed.

You Have To Have A Goal

Yes that is true. How can you succeed in a certain job if you do not really set your goal to do that job?You agree that it does not work properly,you will end up unhappy, and eventually you will fail.

I remember when I was in my Junior year in high school, my father used to ask me on regular basis:” What do you like to do when you finish your high school.?” I really did not know and when I told him that he said:” You have to study the different professions that are available and then find out which one you have a match.”

You Have To Love What You Are Doing

Have you ever noticed that how you will feel when you have completed a job that you liked doing it? It feels good and you will feel a sense of accomplishment. When you love your job:

  • You will feel happy doing it.
  • You will be willing to work hard and spend more time because you enjoy what you are doing and you will feel rewarded.
  • You will become innovative on that job because you like to create it and you like to contribute to it. Have you noticed all the creativity in the world is caused by those who love their jobs.

When I was 14 years old I used to pick up flowers from our garden and decorate them in a vase. After a few times doing that not only I loved doing that but also I became so professional and innovative that I used to come up with all kinds of different decorations.

  • When you love what you are doing you will prosper and you will become wealthy.

You Have To Have A Purpose

Why do you want to do that job? If you do not know why, you will not make it. You love to become a Doctor. That is great but what is your purpose of becoming a Doctor? Is it to help others or is it to make money?

When you have this clear for yourself, you will be able to move in the right direction.

You Have To Set Policies For Yourself

When you have a set of policies you will have direction, you will know how to deal with anything that comes on your way.

For example, one of my friends started a Restaurant 8 years ago. He set up certain policies like :

1-For the first year he had to work every day from 11:00 AM till 10:00 PM in order to get the place to produce income.

2- The employees had to be extremely polite and nice to the customers.

3- He allocated $10,000 per month for promotions till the end of one year.

4- He cut down in all extra expenses.

You Have To Write A Plan Of Action

Finally, you have to write a smart plan of action and come up with an idea on how you would like to reach your goal.

For example in the case of my friend who wanted to start operating a restaurant, he wrote the following plan:

1- He planned to open the restaurant in Santa Monica because he researched and found out that there are a lot of demand for restaurants in that area,

2- He located a place in Montana Ave ,

3- He planned to borrow money from friend, family, or Banks. He succeeded in getting $200,000 from one of his friends promising him to return the money within 2 years with interest.


Frankly, I gave you great ideas on how you will be able to succeed in Life. If you succeed in your business, you will succeed in Life, also because when you have money you will be able to buy anything you want and succeed in your life

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