How To Feel Good At Any Age

How To Feel Good At Any Age

We all believe that as we get older we should also lose our interest in life , should feel bad, feel depressed , and in some cases don’t even want to continue living any longer.

Have you ever thought of  “How To Feel Good At Any Age” I know it is not so easy because the society tells you that you will be feeling bad when you get older and you have to be ready to dies because this is the Law of this universe.

Never Feel Bad Or Say Negative Statements

You will feel exactly the way you want to feel. Tell yourself in the morning that you are happy and you feel wonderful . You will be happy and you will feel great all day.

Many people are always in a negative mood- They expect bad incidents and bad things to happen for them. What do you think will happen? Of course, bad things will happen for them.

One of my friends, Joe, is always like that – A few days ago he called me early in the morning and said:

” What a horrible day ! I could not even sleep more than 4 hours and I have to go to work now.I want to hit my head to the wall ten times and I know something bad will happen today.”

I told him: ” Joe, calm down.Relax.I understand that you could not sleep last night! So what?. Look at the beautiful side of life. Look at your yard with beautiful red roses, your lovely pool, your beautiful wife, your two beautiful girls, Your $200,000 per year CEO position that you have, and an enjoyable Bahams vacation that you will be going with your family in a few weeks,”

He said:” Nothing matters to me. Only bad things happen for me.”

He went to work and he had a very bad car accident on the way . He almost got killed. He stayed in a Hospital for three weeks and therefore, he could not go to the vacation. He also told me that two of the workers in his factory got in fight, one of them injured another , put the plant in fire which caused a section of the factory to burn , and the board cut his bonus that year to only $5,000 instead of $70,000.

This is what happens when you say negative statements.

Always Be Positive -Good Things Will Happen For You And You Will Feel Good

That is true. Each morning when you get up tell yourself that  you feel good , you are happy,  you are blessed, and you want good things to happen to you. You will be happy, you will feel good, you will be blessed, and good things will happen to you everyday.

Another friend of mine, Paul is always very positive. When he heard me that he should tell himself good things and those things will happen for him, he tried my advice last week. A few days after I called him and I asked him: ” Paul, Please tell me if the last four days were any different than the rest of your days?”

He said:” Oh my god! Today When I went to my office my boss asked me to go and meet with him for lunch. He took me to a great restaurant, I had a very nice lunch, he gave me a bonus check for $5,000 , a free Company car to use,ten percent raise starting next month, and a two weeks paid vacation to Hawaii for me and for my wife.”

That is what happens to you when you are positive.

If You Want To Feel Good, You Also Have To Exercise And Take Vitamins

You also have to take care of your body and in order for the body to operate properly and as the result, you will be feeling good, you have to exercise on regular basis . You also have to take liquid Vitamins and Minerals from a good Company everydday( I am not a Doctor and I can not prescribe anything for you).

Success Will Always Give You Good Feeling.

When you succeed in your job, you will have a sense of accomplishment, you will be proud of yourself, and your family will be proud of you also

To be successful, you have to  be productive You have to produce a product and you have to love doing that.

When You have a product and you are producing, You have to make yourself known in order for the customers to come to you , to buy your product : therefore,your sales will go up , and you will be successful.

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