##”How To Be Happy”

#”How To Be Happy”

You have to desire to be happy and then learn#:“How To Be Happy”

When you get up, tell yourself that : #”Today will be the happiest day of my life”and you will see that you will have a happy day.

Why Are You Not Happy?


1- You have created problems for yourself and allowed these problems to make you sad.

2- You are dramatizing these problems on daily basis .

3- You believe that you need to have those problems.

4- You are not able to get rid of those problems .

You Have To Get Rid Of Your Problems In Order To Be Happy

Yes as long as you are carrying those problems, you will not be able to experience ” Happiness”

How Can You Get Rid Of The Problems?

1- You have to decide that you do not want them any longer.

2- You have to hire a therapist in order for him to help you to become free of your problems .

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Author: Bijan Amid

Prepared by: Bijan amid

Date : 09-14-19

Picture shows a girl who has been able to get rid of her problems using our guidelines and is happy now.

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