##How Can You Improve Your Life?

##How Can You Improve Your Life?

I remember when I was a kid, I used to ask my father:” Why are there so many beggars? Why don’t they try to improve their lives? ” My father was very shocked and puzzled by my question – It always used to take him a few minutes to answer. He used to say:” Do not think about others.Tell me. ##How Can You Improve Your Life?” and at that time I had different preferences – For me a better life meant having a car, going out with friends, and having a good time; Therefore, I used to say:” If I reach my goals, I will be happy and that will be considered improving my life

I did not really know at that time that there is always a much more important factor that plays a much bigger role in allowing a person to reach his optimum potential in his life. I thought whatever I believe I could do will be my goal and that will be enough for me. My father used to tell me: ” You have to look at those factors that stop you , you can not get rid of them,and you have to get help from others in order to handle them.

What is Life?

I love to hear from each of you” What is Life?”

  • life is in actuality nothing by itself .
  • Life is What You Make Out Of It. A bigger is making his life as asking others for money, he believes this is the way to live and he does not try to change it. A CEO is making $1,000,000 per year and he believes that this is the life that he created and he is happy with it.
  • Life is a collection of your experiences, your happy moments, and sad times.
  • Life is what you are able to do from your birth till the time that you die.

Are You Happy With Your Life?

  • Are you able to reach your goals?
  • Is there anything that is bothering you and you can not get rid of it?
  • Are You able to perform according to your own wishes ?
  • Do you want to make things better but you are not able to?

Do You Have Unwanted Conditions In Your Life That You Can Not Handle?

You might ask me:” what is unwanted condition?” Unwanted condition is things that are bothering you and creating problems for you which you are not able to handle. Do you now could tell me if you have any condition like this ?Is there anything in your life that does not allow you to reach your goals?

  • Is there any condition in your life that is messing up your life?
  • Do you have stress, anxiety, pain, worry, loss ?
  • Are there stops that does not allow you to perform?

I remember a friend of mine a few years ago. He was elected as the manager of a food manufacturing Company- He was doing very good just before he started his new job but since a year ago, he had stops- He could not promote the products of the Company- The sales of the Company was: $1.5M per month but a year after he took over, the sales started to go down. After 5 years the sales Can You Handle Your Unwanted Conditions?reached to only $300,000 and that was the time that he was fired.

Are You Able To Handle Your UNwanted Conditioons by Your Own?

  • I am sure you can not because if you could, you would have done it.
  • Your friends will not also be able to help you because they do not know how.
  • You think that drugs will help you but drugs will only make you numb and you will become like a zombie.
  • You might start drinking alcohol to forget your problems but after a few months you will become addicted and your life will become a nightmare.

How Would You Handle Your Problems?

  • You have to decide that you want to get rid of your unwanted conditions.
  • You have to decide that you have to receive help .
  • You have to accept help from a professional because a person that helps you have to know what he is doing and be able to perform in order to get results for you.

What Would Be The Qualifications Of The Professional?

  • He have to be a Life coach in order to have the required knowledge to relay to you and to help you.
  • He have to be a therapist in order to be able to help you get rid of your unwanted conditions.
  • He have to have to urge and the willingness to help you.

How Do You Choose The Right Professional?

  • Interview him: Talk to him and find out if he has the knowledge to help you.
  • Ask how many people he helped and what results he has gained.
  • Ask him to give you a free session and if you were happy with the results, continue.

We are Life Coach And Therapist

  • We have helped many people to handle their unwanted conditions
  • We have the knowledge to help you as Life Coach.
  • We are a therapist and we will help you with your conditions.
  • We give you a free session in order for you to decide if you are happy with out work or not.
  • WE give you a superior service which will be worth more than what you pay for.


  • If you have unwanted condition, you need to handle it and the only way you will be able to do that will be by hiring a professional Life Coach and Therapist to help you to improve your life.
  • When you improve your life, you will be able to make more money,to become happier, and to become more successful.
  • The value for improving your life will be worth much more than what you p[a for it.

WE love to hear from you.

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Author: Bijan Amid

Prepared by: Bijan Amid

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