Who is #”God” ?

  • God is a super power with infinite abilities.
  • God has to have infinite knowledge.
  • God has to be in total control

What is the difference between you and #”God” ?

  • You lost your power and your abilities and god is still in control.
  • You do not have knowledge of life

Is it possible to become #” God”?

Absolutely not but if you:

1- Increase your knowledge of yourself, others, and life.

2- Increase your abilities and your power.

Then it will be possible to experience a much higher survival levels.

Let me give you an example:Suppose you have no money. How do you feel? You will not be able to do those things that you want to do.

Now imagine that you won a Lottery and you have lots of money. How would this be different than the condition that you were poor?

Life Coach will help you to reach higher survival levels.


Author: Bijan Amid

Prepared by: Bijan amid

Date Published: 08/16/19

Picture shows someone who has made herself better and is reaching a higher survival levels in her life

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