Frankly everyone in this world is after:

Frankly everyone in this world is after:depressed. Why? How To Get Rich”but there are only a small percentage of them who would make it and the rest will not.

What Are The Qualifications For A Rich Man?

1-One has to be definitely in a good mental condition. What do I mean by that?

*I mean that a rich man can not be depressed because, if you are depressed you will not be able to operate properly- You might work with maybe 20% of your mental capacities .

I remember many years ago when I was young and I lost my mother. I clearly remember that I was always in another imaginary world, I could not think straight, I could not make anything happen, and I could not even talk to anyone ; Therefore, I could not perform my job as the Marketing Manager. Do you believe I could ever become rich like that?

It is the same thing when someone has anxiety or he has stress or he worries. Most of that person’s attention is allocated to his problems ; Therefore, he will not absolutely accomplish anything positive.

Just look at the guy in this picture, please. Could he possibly be able to run a successful business ? What would happen to that business that he is running ?You would definitely agree with me if I say that he will only fail.

2- You Could Have Mental Problems The Same Way That You Get Sick

One gets sick many times during one’s life due to many problems that the body gets into but have you ever thought that your mind could get in problems also? Your mind is a storage of all your memories and of course when there is a problem with your memory, you will get in problem with your mind to a certain extent.

3- If He Has Mental Problems, He Has To Handle them.

is it true? Yes how much would it cost you and how much profit will you be losing when you have mental problems and you operate irrational .

I remember a friend of mine who inherited a food production factory from his father. The business was making Millions of Dollars a year but John had a lot of stress and anxiety. He could not operate the business the same way that his father was operating and was making money- Instead he was always either drunk or on drugs that were prescribed by his doctor and either way he could not think straight ; Therefore, he was always late to work, he was getting angry at the workers, and he was procrastinating on authorizing the payments for the raw materials and for the payroll.

I was busy myself ; Therefore, I could not really see him very often. One day he called me and said: depressed. Why? I want to see you at 6:00 PM today.depressed. Why? I said: What is the problem?depressed. Why? He said: depressed. Why? I got some serious problems that I want to discuss with you”. I had nothing to say and I went that day to see him.

It was a summer day, the weather was hot, and I allocated enough time to get to see him on time. When I got there and entered his room I felt a problem. When,he he saw me I saw a man who looked like a 60-year-old man while he was only 40. His eyes were puffed up, his face was swallow, his hands were a little shaking, and he started talking in a low-pitched trembling voice. He said: depressed. Why? I am bankrupt and I have to close down the business.depressed. Why? I could not believe what I heard and I said:depressed. Why? Why? You had a lot of money and you were making a lot of money.’ He said:depressed. Why? That is true but due to my depression and my anxiety, not only my income went to zero but also all my savings are gone.depressed. Why?

4-Stops And Inability To Perform Is Another Sign Of Mental Problem .’

Is that true? Have you ever experienced you could not do something that you really wanted to do or you did something that you regretted a few hours after you have done it?

I have witnessed a printing company that had been in business for over 10 years but the owner did not want to spend money ; Therefore, he was not promoting. His income was not enough to pay for his expenses and as years went by, he was losing more and more money. He had borrowed so much that he could not borrow anymore; Therefore, he closed down his business.

Also, the story of Joe who had a Rent A Car business but he was giving free cars to a lot of people ; Therefore, again he lost money and he got to a point that he could not operate any longer. He could not even pay for his rent. One day the landlord came to his office and threw him out of there.

5-How Could A Young Man With No Money Could Become A Millionaire In No Time?

Is it Possible? Yes, I have also seen an example for this one. When you are sane, you possess lots of abilities and when you use them, you will prosper but when you have mental problems, your abilities are somehow covered up to a certain degree and therefore, you will not be able to use them.

I have seen many people who started with almost nothing, they borrowed some money to get going and after a few years they have been a millionaire.

6- Is There Any Way To Transform A Person with Mental Problems To A Sane Person?

Yes, therapy is the way to help someone to recover from his mental problems and his inanities and to bring him back to a healthy, productive, and prosperous Life.

7- We Are Professional Therapist

Do you need help? Do you want to become healthy?DO you want to be able to get rid of your anxiety, Depression, Stress, or your pain and feel good again?

If your answer is positive, you need help and we will help you.


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  1. Babsie Wagner

    You know, it really is true.  In order to be rich, successful, at our best, we must be not only of sound mind, but we also must be in a good state of mind.  Our attitude, our thoughts, our feelings, all play a very important role in our lives and in our livelihood.  Great article!

    1. Bijan In reply to Babsie Wagner

      It is definitely true because if a person is not in a good state of mind , he is confronting with stops and problems which will not allow him to become successful and rich- 

      Look around you and find those rich people- You will see them with lots of energy and ready to make things to take place but the failure ones are only dramatizing of their problems and are not able to perform properly.

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