#for better life


#for better life

How can we possibly do things #” for better life”? I am sure you agree with me that for everything you want to do in life. I remember I wanted to start driving – I needed to learn the technology of driving in order to be able to drive.

After I learned how to drive, I wanted to be able to make money in order to have a better life ; Therefore, I looked around to start a business. It was my father’s business that was very small and he has been working in that business for the past 25 years. I asked myself: “#How can I make money in a business like this?”

  • Knowledge: Of course if you do not know about anything, you will not be able to operate in that line-Always those people who have problems doing something go to their friends or their relatives and tell them that they got problems in their business and they can not make money.

You have to ask them if they know how to operate that business or not- Let me give you a story : One of my friends just graduated from high school and his father gave him $200,000 in order for him to start a Restaurant business while he had no knowledge on how to make money in this business.

He started the Restaurant, he hired a few professionals but he did not know that if you do not promote, you will not be able to make money enough to even pay for your expenses; Therefore, he kept losing money and losing money and after a few years he had to close the business.

  • Responsibility: What was the main reason that my friend kept losing money without even thinking that there should be a way for him to make money instead of losing it? You guessed right. He did not take the responsibility for the business. Why? because he thought that there was only one way to run that business and if things went wrong, he was not responsible for it!!! If You Do Not Accept Responsibility For Something, You will Lose .

You have to feel responsible in order to be able to make anything go right – Let, s assume that in the morning and you want to go to work- Do you know that if you do not take the responsibility for your car, you will get in an accident or you hit the side of the road?

  • Control:Yes only if you have the knowledge on a task and you feel responsibly for it, you will then be able to start it, change it direction, and stop it. Let’s just look at your car- You know how to drive it, you take responsibly for driving it, and only then you will be able to get the car moving, change the direction of its movements, and stop it whenever you desire.

It is the same for any business that you have. : Just imagine what happens if you have no knowledge of that business. What will also happen if you let the business run by itself and you do not take responsibility for it? Is it not the same degree of importance if you fail to control it?

What is The Most Important Function For You If You Just Started A Business?

  • You have to promote because without promoting you will lose all your money at your reserve and you will have to close down- Why? Because people do not know what you are doing, where you are, and what kind of service or product you are offering.
  • You need a weekly budget- You have to put down your expenses as weekly basis and compare it with your income- You have to be able to allocate your income to your expenses.
  • If you are losing money every week and you are doing worse than the last week, you need to start promotion urgently.

How Do You Promote?

  • You need to hire a professional to help you because it is the same thing. Whenever you do not know how to promote, you will do a bad job .
  • You need to Get results for your promotion. Yes if you spend anything for advertising, you have to be able to make more than what you spent ; Otherwise, it is a loss again.

Who Is The Professional To Increase Your Sales?

It is a copywriter –

How would a copywriter help you?

1- By writing Landing Letters about your product or your services in order to convince your clients to buy from you.

2- He would increase the sales of your business in order for you to make profit and to stay above the competition.

WE Are Trained Copywriter And We Will Help You

Contact us: copy-writers.org

Author:Bijan Amid

Written on : Sep 25, 19

Prepared by : Bijan Amid

Picture shows how by copywriting we can improve any business to prosperity.

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Comments (8)

  1. Jordan Smith

    Awesome write-up. I once took my time to study copywriters, they can definitely help your business in achieving its marketing goals by supporting the marketing team and also the content plan. To me copywriters aren’t just writers, the best ones are also genius in digital marketing. Their marketing skills can really help in making money by boosting traffic to your website and also increasing conversions. In a nutshell, they make things easier for you with their skills 

    #for better life


    1. Bijan In reply to Jordan Smith

      Hello Jordan,

      Thank you so much for your comment. You wrote such a great informative comment that anyone reads it will adopt the copywriting for his business.

      I totally agree with you. It takes a very talented writer to be able to create a landing letter in order to convince the buyer that the product is useful , valuable, and therefore, purchase it.

      Please let me know if you need any help in any aspect of your business because I am also trained in all different aspects of business.

      Thank you so much and good luck,

      Bijan amid

  2. Selenity Jade

    This was a very interesting article, thank you.  You’re absolutely right that you won’t succeed in business without some sort of promoting!  Unless you get extremely lucky and discovered by someone who does the promoting because you’re an absolute genius product, I guess.  Say if a celebrity ate at your restaurant and found it the best thing he’s ever tasted and went on social media to proclaim this fact.  Otherwise, yes, promotion is a part of the business!  So is responsibility as you mentioned.  Thanks for the article again!

    1. Bijan In reply to Selenity Jade

      Hello Jade, 

      Sorry for the late response and thank you so much for your comments on my blog.

      We both agree that if one wants to succeed , one has to promote his product or his services. 

      My blog was mainly on copywriting and as you noticed , I will be able to write such a Landing letter for a product inorder for the buyer to purchase it and this is really very important.

      Thank you again and good luck.

      Bijan amid

  3. Matt

    It’s nice and clear to mention the key for a successful business and I think it’s motivating! Every business needs to promote its own product or service like what we see on the internet. If you got a good product but didn’t know how to promote, the business would not be very ideal. 

    I think the blog is the easiest way to promote your business like the end of this post since it’s online 24/7 and people from all corner of the world could read it and share with friends day and night. So, everyone who would like to start or make a better business should definitely consider a blog or simply find a professional copywriter to help you with that! 🙂

    1. Bijan In reply to Matt


      I definitely agree with you but the only problem is that I have not received any comments for the blogs that I wrote .

      I do believe that if one wants to get response , one has to promote his blog on the Social Meda.

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