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You might ask me:”What does “#For A Better #Life” mean and what am I trying to portray by That? It is a great question and I invite you to read the following post for your answer.

You Go through #Different Cycles Of Life As You Get Older.

Is that true? Yes. Life is actually planned in such a way that at every age you have a different reality. Something that was a lot of fun for you when you were 4 years old, is no more fun when you are 8 years old and something that was so interesting for you when you were a teenager will not be of any interest for you when you get to become 70 years old.

  1. First Stage is when you are born till when you become a teenager- You only want to play and get help from your parents. You do not know a better life. Do you remember when you were at that age? What was important for you? Didn,t you really want to grow faster in order to become an adult .
  2. Second Stage is when you start your teenage life till when you become 20 years old. For some people it is the best years of their lives. They get to know themselves, love to date and discover the opposite sex.
  3. Third Stage is Youth which lasts till the person reaches 45. Again the person at this stage gets married, becomes a father or a mother, goes to work, has to accept more and more responsibilities shared between husband and wife, and raise the children.
  4. Fourth stage is your middle age years which will end when you are 65. During these years you make more money, your children become adults, you might have grand children, you will get to know more and more people, and you go to visit more places.
  5. Fifth stage is when you are heading to old age. At this stage you will gradually become weaker and weaker, you will become tired, you will become ill , you withdraw from people, and eventually you will die.

Why Do You Do Something That You Do Not Want To Do Or Can Not Do Something You Want To Do

? Because you are operating with your mind which collects all the memories of your lives as pictures and there is a part of your mind that collects memories harmful to your survival. These memories have commanding power on you and make you do things against your will.

Let’s compare 2 totally different persons and reach a conclusion that better life is accessible to those in the first group.

GroupOne: Will

Create All Stages Of His Life


Have you seen someone who is moving along in life beautifully?

  • He plans and wants to become a brain surgeon, studies hard to get good grades, finishes high school, handles the finances by getting scholarships or borrowing or his family put up the funds for him and eventually he will become a brain surgeon.
  • He will then plan to get married to a nice girl in order to have a nice life and after a few years we will see him as a married man.
  • He will then plan to have a successful practice as a surgeon by helping others and making a lot of money; Therefore, In a few years we will see him having a beautiful house and lots of money.
  • He will then plan and create the rest of his life with his family and his success in his job.

Group two: One WhoWill Create A Disasterous Life For Himself

Have you also seen someone who is fed up with his life because he has failed and confronted problems every single step he has taken in his life?

  • He has problems with his studies in such a way that he can not even complete high school.
  • He goes to work in a Company but he gets in a fight and gets fired.
  • His father brings him to his own company and gives him the authority to run the Company but after a few years he bankrupts the Company plus he borrow a lot of money from the Banks which will develop into losing all his family’s belongings.
  • He wants to get married but he ends up in divorce 3 times.
  • Eventually he ends up in the street as a bomb and commits suicide.

What Is The Difference Between The Two groups?

  • Is it because one has a stronger body than the others? No. this is not the case because we have seen strong people who failed in life.
  • Is it because one has a wealthier family than another? No, because we have seen those people who inherit wealth and lose it.

  • Is it because one gets a lot of love from the family and one does not? No, love has nothing to do with one’s performance. We see children who grow in a family who give them lots of love but they still end up a bomb.

Find Out If He Has Done Wrongful Actions To Others?

If he has, he has lost his abilities to handle his problems. Why is it so? because we are all our own executioner and if we harm, we stop and we punish ourselves. You observe the very obvious difference between performance of people who have the same education and they are in the same family.

What Happens To Those Who Lose A Loved One?

1- They become depressed and do not want to go on living any longer sometimes.

2- They can not function properly.

3- They can not think straight

Have You Seen Those Who Are Under The Influence Of Others?

I am sure you have. Do these people experience any Joy or happiness in their lives? No, They do not.

1- Purely Miserable because they are not able to decide on their own.

2- They make mistakes on daily basis.

3- They get sick and they get involved in accidents because they are not in control of their lives.

How About People Who Adopt Other people’s Personalities.

There are those who act as they are someone else as well.

1- They act sometimes as they are someone else and therefore they operate against their own interest. I have witnessed someone like this who has been giving all his money to her girl friend although he feels very bad and he is not able to control his relationship at all.

2- Those people have no idea what is the survival action for them and how they are not even after changing their lives.

Will You Be Happy If You Only Have Money?

No, Became money will just provides you with necessary materials for your survival.

  • Money will not be able to help you to become happy when you are in misery.
  • Money will not give you a better life when you are depressed, you are in pain, you are stressed out or you have anxiety.
  • If You do not know how to communicate or how to behave with your partner, money will not provide you with a good family life.

How Can You Become Happier And Have Better Life With Money?

  • to get rid of your problems.
  • To transform yourself from the condition that you are to a higher survival condition
  • To experience the higher levels of survival and know how much better you could become

Do You Recognize That You Have Problems?

Most people do not have the reality that they have problems

  • They don’t see their problems.
  • They do not believe that hey gave problems.
  • .If they become aware of their problems, they do not confront it ; Therefore, They will not be able to handle it.
  • People create problems for themselves.

How Could You Possibly Remedy The

Problems For A Person ?

By delivering therapy to him which works like a magic .

1- It gets rid of his depression and brings him back to life again.

2- it handles and gets rid of his harmful actions .

Do You Know How Happy You Are And How Much Better Life You Could Experience

  • There are degrees for everything- You can only say that you have a better life than your brother.
  • You Do Not know that you could have a much better life than you have now
  • You will only know when you experience a better and happier life.

What kind Of Person Will We Have?

1- A person who is able to perform and be successful again.

2- A person who will be able to communicate with others and establish friendship.

3- A person who is happy and has a better life

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