Do I Need Life Coach?

 Do I You Need A Life Coach?

Unfortunately, we do not know everything and therefore , we make a lot of mistakes in our lives in order to experience and then to be able to perform something correctly.

Can you answer to this question?”Do I Need Life Coach?”I am sure so many of us still do not believe that they need a Life Coach.

There Are 3 Kinds Of People

  1. There are people who believe they know everything and they really do know whatever they need to know ;  Therefore, they are successful in their life.
  2. There are people who do not know whatever they are supposed to know and they know that they have problems ;therefore, they look around and they learn what they need to know .
  3. There are also thoseClick Here who live in hell because they do not know they have problems and they are now aware of their condition.

If You Do Not ASk ,You Will Not Receive

Let me tell you a story which is very interesting. Years ago a man died and was complaining why god failed to help him when he was getting drawned in the ocean with his boat .

The man told god:”Why did you not send a help for me when I needed help?”God told him:”Do you remember that a man with helicopter tried to help you and you refused”. The man said :”Yes, but I needed you to help me.”God said:” It was me who sent that helicopter to save you.

“Then again god said:” Do you remember a ship that came to help you?” The man said: ” Yes, but I was waiting for you to help me.” God said again:”That was also a help from me and you refused.”

Why Do I Need A Life Coach?

1- Whenever you feel depressed, lost your business or a loved one, you need someone to help you recover- Do you remember a time that you were infront of your pool , looking at your beautiful garden full of red and yellow roses with your family around you ?Life coach will be able to help you to become happy again.

2- Have you ever experienced a time when you had a fight with your wife or one of your friends over something very insignificant which developed into a serious matter?Have you been able to handle that problem?

3- When we are young we are all very happy- We enjoy the company of our friends, the beautiful oean , the success in our business,  our ability to travel , and our ability to spend our money and to enjoy our lives but as we get older , we will experience more and more problems ; Therefore, we will need Life coach to help us.

We are Licensed Life Coach 

We love to help you to become happy again and get over your lossed and your problems.We will give you a free one hour counselling and if you were happy with the results, we will continue.

We want your opinions on this subject and our discussion-

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