###Divorce Advice Men

###Divorce Advice Men

There are always a lot of men who are looking for Divorce but is there actually a better way than divorce?

Things You Have To Ask Yourself

##1- Have you ever lied to your wife? If your answer is “Yes”, Do you not think that by lying you will be creating major problems for your marriage?

2- Have you ever #cheated on your wife?Please realize that if you cheat, you will separate your self from your spouse gradually and you will realize that even your love will be destroyed.

3-Are you try to #criticize her and find things to make her wrong?If this is the case, stop it rights there because by doing so, she will not have any respect for you any longer.

4- Are you creating# disagreements between you and your wife? If you are doing that, you have to stop it because your relationship will go to drain if you keep doing that.

5- Do you fail to tell her that you #love her on daily basis? If not, again you have to keep up your love ; Otherwise, there will not be any love any longer.

Things Your# Wife Is Doing That Bothers You:

  1. Is she cheating on you?

How do you react to it?

Are you #fighting with her
? If so, please notice that you can not do that- Fighting never resolves any problem – It only creates more problems

Does she have another man
?You have to make sure of that and you have to find out why is she doing that.?Why is she upset with you?

How did you find out?

2– Is she criticizing you and makes you small in front of others?If so, you have to find out why she is doing that and what you have done to her to deserve that/

3- Is she# lying to you? If so, find out by asking her why she does that – If you do not find the reason, you will not get anywhere.

4- Does she always disagree with you on any subject? Find out why she disagrees and what you would have to do in order for her to agree with you.

##Divorce Advice MenReal Story

A few years ago one of my friends called me and said:” I want to see you and I need your help.” He never talked to me liked that and he never asked for my help; Therefore, I was shocked and I said: “John, what is the problem?” He said: Let’s meet at 6:30PM at your house.” I accepted and he came over right on time.

His eyes were red, his face was swallow which showed that he was under a lot of pressure, and his pants was all wrinkled which showed that he did not care for his look any longer.

I asked him :” What is happening”. He said: “Helen is asking for divorce.” He started crying. I asked him:” Why, you two had a good relationship and had no problem?” He said: Helen believes that I am very selfish, I never care for her, I never loved her, and I only married her because she was rich.” Then he said:” The reason I came to you was that I know that you have a lot of knowledge on human’s behavior and you also helped Bob when his wife wanted to divorce him; therefore, I do believe you will also be able to help me.”

I was very confused because I could not even imagine that John having married with Helen because she was rich and also I knew that he loved her very much; Therefore, I came up with an idea in order to help John. I told him:”I want to have a meeting with her – Is it possible?” I realized his eyes opened up and his lips became relaxed which was the sign of satisfaction and he said:” I will set up a meeting between 2 of you.”

I Knew a fact that when one of the spouses is critical or wants divorce, it means that the person has done something to the other one and in order to protect the partner, that person is seeking divorce in order to stop harming more.

In our meeting I asked : “I know that you love John and I hate to see you two getting separated for a reason that could be handled-Would you be open to cooperate with me in order for me to help you and John to resolve your issues and if it was not possible, you will still be able to divorce?” It took me at least 2 hours to convince her to accept my help.

In our meeting, I had John, Helen, and myself- I asked John:” What have you done to Helen?” He described a few times that he lost a lot of money on horse racing and he was sorry for that. Helen got upset and started screening and said:” You are a cheater- You are dishonest.” and started hitting John.

Now it was time for me to ask Helen the same question-I asked her: “What have you done to John?” First she described a few times that she spent a lot of money on a few skirts that she bought for herself which was accepted by John. I knew she is keeping a big secret ; Therefore, I asked her again to tell me something that she feels really guilty for having done it. She said: ” 3 weeks ago John had to go out of town for 5 days and I called my high school boy friend and invited him over. We drank a few beers and then we had sex together for the whole night .”

John got very upset and wanted to leave but I stopped him and told him:You have to forgive Helen and never even mention what ever she has done to you for the rest of your life.” John accepted,Helen calmed down, they kissed each other, and went home happily.

##Are You Thinking Of Divorce?

If you do, you need a ###Life Coach and an adviser like me in order to remedy your marriage and get you back with your spouse.

Please send us your comments .

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Prepared by: Bijan Amid

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