###Cast Criminal Mind

###Cast criminal Mind

How would it be possible to recognize someone who has  a criminal Mind and what you will be able to do in order to save your self from getting abused or getting hurt?

##How To Recognize A Criminal Mind

  • He is after hurting others- Look at it this way: Have you ever thought of hurting someone? The answer is “No”Why? Because you are not a criminal.The criminal has intention to hurt and damage others.
  • Criminals are getting together with other criminals because they are looking to find people like themselves and people who approve their actions.
  • They maim, kill, torture, and do all kinds of actions in order to harm you.Look at what happened in Germany when Hitler was in Power- About 50 Million human beings were dead because he had a criminal mind and he thought he could purify the German race by killing so many people. What was the results? The results were destruction and a lot of people who could contribute to a better survival of our universe were dead.
  • He has no responsibility for his actions. I remember I watched Discovery Channel 2 years ago and it was showing a criminal Mind- It was about a man who took a young girl to a remote area close to a beach raped her,and suffocated her to death. Can you just imagie how could someone live with himself after having done such a crime and how could someone even think of taking away someone’s life. It is a disaster – Just imagine a man around 30 years old planning to rape a girl and to kill her- 

##Why Does A Criminal Mind Commit Crimes?

  • Others have done horrible things to him – For example Let’s just consider a girl who has been raped by his father many times when she was 12 years old- Her father used to come to her room , raped her , told her that she will never talk about it to anyone, and if she does, he will personally kill her with a sharp knife.What happens when this girl becomes a young girl? She will try to revenge from men by dating them and killing them when they try to have sex with her. She repeats her criminal acts untill she gets caught and put in prison .
  • The criminal feels a very strong urge for releiving himself by punishing the society for what has been done to him and that is why he hurts and punishes others.

##How Does A Criminal Commit A Crime?

  • He Creates a false personality and in reality that personality will commit those crimes. This is called Bipollar because absolutely no human being could possibly take the responsibility to torture , harm , or kill another human being unless he puts the responsibility on someone else which is his created personality. Let’s look at the torture and crime commited by John( Criminal Mind) . He used to torture and kill prostitutes because his mother was a prostitue and she poisoned his father and due to that act , he became homeless and had to beg for a piece of bread in order to stay alive- He created a personality separate from himself in order to revenge from his mother by punishing and killing the prosititutes . 
  • He plans his act and gets it done.Like the case of John, he planned to torture, rape , and kill every single prostitute that he could get hold of and kept doing that until he was caught.

##Does he feel Remorse For His Actions?

  • He puts the responsibility on his created personality and that is why he is able to live with himself- He tells himself that it is not him that has killed another human being and therefore, he feels OK.
  • But eventually he feels that he has to pay for his actions and he has to be punished. Why? Because he feels that his other personality has commited crime and he has to stop that action in any possible way.

##What Does A Criminal Mind Do In Order To Stop His Crimes?

Look at any criminal in the history of earth– Like Hitler – Even Hitler at the end of his ruling, entered a war in Russia that he knew he will lose for the only reason to lose and by losing he could stop himself from killing and torturing more human beings. he then commited suicide at the end of the war and after he lost because he has even destroyed his country.

How Could You Protect Yourself From Criminal Minds?

  • You have to know about them and their actions because by knowing the criminals you will be able to spot them and therefore, you will be able to avoid these kinds of people .
  • The knowledge that you will gain will be through Life Coach and it is the Life Coach who will help you in all aspects of your Life.

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  • To know the criminal Mind and protect yourself from getting hurt.
  • To prosper and survive better by getting rid of your unwanted conditions
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