Born Alone, Die Alone

Born Alone, Die Alone

Frankly this is the reality of life.” Born Alone, Die Alone” Have you ever thought about the purpose of creation? Is it because someone is lucky and is born in a rich family ;Therefore, he will be able to enjoy life fully or is it because someone has bad luck and he has to live all his life in a poor family in a poor country like Bangladesh in misery and disaster?

Life Is Not Luck- We Create Our Destiny. Bad Or Good

It is very hard for most of us to accept the responsibility of what is happening to us and we love to always blame someone else for it include god. Have you ever watched on news about kids about seven or eight years old who are living in poverty and don’t have even enough food to eat ?

We also witness kids in a wealthy family who are living in luxury, have servants serving them all kinds of delicious foods imported from all over the world, have a driver with a black Limousine to drive them to school and back, they are practically living in a palace, and they are able to buy whatever they want.

God does not determine our destiny because:

1- We are born alone and we die alone.

2- We have the freedom to create anything- Have you ever witnessed a very young kid with no money became a multi -millionaire ? He decided to become a great businessman, he planned to find a way to do that, he removed all the barriers, and he got there. If he did not have money, he found a job but at the same time he followed his dream and he got there.

3- We also have the freedom to destroy anything. Have you ever seen a wealthy man with millions of Dollars became bankrupt after several years? Why? because he created a destructive personality and that personality got him to bankruptcy.

We Pay For Our Bad Deeds When We Are Born Alone

When We Harm Others, We believe that we have to get punished ; Therefore, we will create a situation that we will end up getting punished. As an example, Johnny had evil intention. One day in the middle of a hot summer day in one of the cities of Bangladesh, when you will burn if you stayed in the sun for a few hours, he got hold of a twelve-year-old kid and promised him to give him a good bonus if he would come to his house and help him to move.

He Took the kid to his home, took him to his basement, left him in a room, lucked all the doors and the windows, and kept him there without any food till he died.

After Johnny died alone, he was born alone in a very poor family. They could not give him any food ; Therefore, he died of hunger alone.

Why Are We Born Alone – Why Do We Die Alone?

Frankly, There is no other way- Each time that we die alone, we will have a more advanced body when we are born alone again. In order for life to continue, we have to die alone and be born again alone.

Why Are We Here?

We are here because:

  • We have to observe the facts of this universe.
  • We have to learn those facts.and the rules of this universe.
  • We have to apply those facts and succeed

How Do We Succeed?

  • We will succeed by getting our product to be known.
  • People will buy from you and your income will go up.
  • You will succeed and this is called LiFE.

How Would You Raise The Income Of Your Firm?

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