Are You Competing?

Are You Competing?

Frankly, This is the question that we all have to ask ourselves on daily basis. ” Are You Competing”.Since the day you are born and until you die, you will be competing with others.You will be competing in the classroom with other students, You will be competing with your brothers and your sisters on your grades in school, and you will be competing in the sports Teams.

When You finish the College and start working, You will also be competing with other businesses one way or another. It does not really matter if you are aware of it or not or if you want to compete or not. The bottom line is that you have to compete and that is how the economy is growing.

The Degree Your Company Grows Relates Directly On The Success Of Your Competition

Do you agree with me that this is true? If you are still skeptical, let’s look at a Company like Coca-Cola.I remember when I was just a teenager and the Company came out to view.

1- People were drinking concentrated fruit flavors or juices at that time.

2- No one had absolutely any idea on this new product.

3- No one would have bought it if they did not know what it was.

Coca-Cola Competed By Advertising

All through many decades, whenever you want to sell something:

1- You have to introduce it to the public and let them know that the product exists.

2- You have to tell people about the benefits of the product.

3- You have to show people the advantages of the product over other similar products.

If You Succeed In Your Advertising Campaign, Your Company Will Grow

Is that true? Of course, it is true but:

1- You will experience other products coming on the market and again you have to compete.

2- You have to keep repeating the name of your Company and the benefits of your product as a continuous advertising campaign.

3- You have to monitor the sales of your Company and compare it each week with the week before in order to make sure the sales are going up.

4- You have to find the problem and correct it if your sales are staying the same or are going down because even if it stays the same ( costs are going up), you will be losing in the long run.

Introducing CopyWriting( Advertising) Professional Services

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