##Always Be Positive-

Be Always Positive-Good Things Will Happen For You And You Will Feel Good

Frankly I do not believe there is not absolutely anything better in this world than feeling good. Anything you do is to reach a good feeling.

Just remember whenYou get up in the morning ,you see your family,you talk to them,then you look at your house with the beautiful garden full of red roses around your pool which makes  you  feel good. Why? Because you decided to be nice to your family and you decided to be positive ( decided to receive nice behavior from your family); Therefore, good things will happen for you and you will feel good.

Let me tell you a story in order for you to understand what would be the difference between a positive and a negative person- In this scenario I want to compare one of my friends ( Bob) who was positive and another friend of mine (John) who was negative. We first start with Bob:

Just look at the house in the picture- Isn’t that beautiful? Yes Bob told me one day that he wanted to move to a beautiful cottage out in a real nature and spend his retirement in that area. Please notice how whatever he planned just took place – He planned:

  • To choose this location , he had to investigate , choose the city, and go to a Realtor in order to find the vacancy land.
    • He planned to hire someone to build the house for him, he had to call a few contractors, interview them, and finally sign agreement with them.
  • He planned to borrow money from a Bank in order to have the house built- For this again he had to prepare some documents, He had to go to a few different banks, and eventually get the loan.

Just look how easy and smoothly everything just happened for him and within a very short time he moved to his new house with his wife.

Do you know why things went so smoothly and easily for him?Because he was positive ; therefore, he was able to plan things and make them to happen .

Now let, s look at the situation of my other friend( John) – He could never get anything done on time because not only he could not decide on a certain task but alsohe never believed he could get anything done.

John wanted to buy a car because his car was very old and was giving him lots of problems. He decided that he will buy a used car from a dealer ; Therefore, within the next 2 years he went to many dealers but again he could not decide to buy a car until one day that I went with him to a dealer and made him to decide to buy a SUV that he always wanted but could not decide to buy it.

Can you just imagine how difficult and problematic your life will be if you are not able to plan things properly and execute them on timely manner.

To Be Positive, You Have To Decide To Be Positive And Do Not Allow Any Negativity To Stop You.

Yes, Everything that happens in your life is because you definitely have something to do with it. Nothing just happens by its own volition. If you badly want something to happen for you, not only you have to be positive but also you can not absolutely allow any negativity to mix with it

I remember a few years ago when a friend of mine who was in US decided to get married to his cousin in another country. He only had one month of vacation which was impossible to get married in that period. The girl was just introduced to him and he had to date her, get her approval, make all the ceremonies set up, and get married.Can you just imagine how all these things could happen in such a short time?

Yes,he decided that it all will happen without any problem. Remember that if you are always positive, good things will happen to you and you will feel good. He went to that country, the girl agreed to marry him, he had all the ceremonies set up, and he got married within one month. If he allowed any negativity, it could have taken him a few months or it would have never happened.

You Have To Imagine What You Want To Happen Has Already Happened.

In order for something positive that you want very badly to happen to you, you have to imagine that thing has already happened, you have to believe that picture is real, and you have to do that several times a day .

Suppose that you are graduating from the high school and you want to become a surgeant. In order for your wish to take place, you have to:

  • Decide to be positive and really want badly to become a surgeant.
  • Do not allow any doubt or negative thought to mix with it.
  • Imagine you are a surgeant, you are working in a hospital( imagine the hospital also) , the Doctors and nurses say Hi to you, and you are operating the patients.

You Have To Have A Policy In Order For Something To Happen

You have to set a policy for yourself in order to make anything to happen as well.In the case of someone wanting to become a surgeant, he has to:

  • Put a lot of time on study. How can you possibly spend your time to watch TV or to go out with friends if you really want to become a surgeon impossible. Is it not?

  • Stop going out with friends.
  • find a way to get the money to pay for the Medical School. You certainly have to look at different sources with smart idea step by step  in order to borrow money  to pay for your tuition and your expenses

How Would It Be Possible To Become Positive and Handle Your Unwanted Conditions?

Just imagine someone who is like John- I chose John to show you an extreme but I know that there are not many people like him but there are people who have :



3-  Anxiety,

4- Or they are in mental pain because they lost someone or they have body pain- Do you accept that these other people also have serious problems ?

We call these conditions that they have unwanted conditions. Why? Because these people have a miserable life and they do not know how to deal with it. Most people take drugs. Would it help?

Drugs Have Side Effects And Damage your Body.

Yes Drugs do not absolutely help with any of your unwanted conditions – Instead they damage your body with their side effects , make you numb, and create a lot of other problems for you.

To Handle Unwanted Conditions, You Need Life Coach And Therapist.

Life coach and Therapist will help you to learn about yourself, your Mind, and how you will be able to handle your unwanted condition without using drugs; Therefore, you will become happier  in your life and you will be able to handle your problems.

We are Life Coach and Therapist and we will be able to help you .

Author: Bijan Amid


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