Grief Counselor

Bijan Amid


I am a grief counselor which means that I have a license on Dianetics Auditing and I am able to help those who are in grief due to having lost a loved one and are in pain and misery to get back to life.

Please watch  or website for more information on Scientology and Dianetics.

Please notice that this has absolutely nothing to do with a person’s religion. We are not trying to convert and change a person’s religion whatsoever. This is a scientific technology that helps those who need help and want to have a better life.

I have helped several people who were crying due to having lost a loved one and after a very short time, they were laughing and happy.

This is a miraculous technology and it is delivered on one to one basis. The person in grief through specific questions will recall and confront the incident( The news of the death of his loved one) and after a few times doing that he will become happy and back to life again.

The problem with people who are in grief is that they withdraw confronting what has happened to them and therefore, they are susceptible of the pain and the misery and hits them continuously and even after a year or so it will stay with them.

I lost my mother when I was 29 years old and I have always been depressed ever since. I received this grief Counseling in Vancouver and after that, I could get back to life again.

For more information or free presentation,  please call me: 3106663755

Thank you,

Bijan Amid                     

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