Horrible Destiny


Have you ever heard a disaster happened to someone for no reason? How did you feel?  I am sure that you felt very bad and you were asking yourself: why such a thing happened to an innocent human being.


The story that you’re about to read happened in China about hundred years ago.It was a poor area in China and most people not only had no money to buy food but  also  they had no place to sleep; therefore, they had to sleep in the street  and if you walked  in the area in the morning, you could have seen many dead bodies due to  severe  cold and hunger and the government had to  collect the corpse  every morning.


.The story is about a 30 years old man born in China and his name was Chan . He had small eyes, long black hair upto his shoulders, long  black beards, fat nose,6 foot tall,with clothes  Full of spots, wrinkled, and dirty.His wife,Tian,was  29 years old , long hair  up to her chest, small black eyes, small dirty face,purple wrinkled  and dirty robe full of spots. they also had a 5 years old girl with dirty clothes and  dirty face


He  had no money to support his family; Therefore, they were living in an old  boat close to the shore  and  he had to get up  every morning at 6;00 AM  to go to  work.He was working for a shipping company and if he was late,the other workers that were ahead of him and came  earlier than him  would have taken the jobs and he would have had no money to buy food for his family.


One-Winter day he did not wake up on time and when his wife tried to wake him up, he got up and hit his wife with his shoe, and he went back to sleep.Tian went to  corner of the boat and cried.White drops of tear were flowing on her dirty face and she looked at the sky and said:”What have I done that I deserve to live in poverty and to be hit by my husband ?, Please help me.”


Eventually Chan got up a few hours late,dressed up,got out of the boat, and started walking to go to work..It was so cold that he was shaking and was freeing..There were  a lot of snow all over the streets that made it very difficult for him to walk..When he got  to work it was 9:00 AM. The guard told him: “You are too late and we have no job for you. Why did you not come on earlier?”

Chan said:” I was tired and I was sleeping.”

The guard said:” Then , you and your family deserve to be hungry for today .”

Chan remembered that his wife tried to wake him up and he hit her.Therefore, he said:” I deserve to be hungry because i hit my wife when she wanted to wake me up but why her and my little girl deserve to be hungry and to be punished because of my selfishness?”



The guard closed his lips , shrunk his face, and said:” You do not deserve your wife . “


He was ashamed , regretful,  hungry, and  cold.He had no money and he couldn’t buy any food .;Therefore,he started walking.He went  to a house  in  order to get some food .   His friend was working in that house. fortunately ,  his friend who was about his age opened the door.Chan said:” I have no money and I am hungry . Can you help me.?

His friend did not say anything and brought him a cup of rice to eat.


After eating the rice  he felt  much better and he started walking in the direction of the main circle across from the Central police station.He had no idea that  a gang had robbed  a Bank in the area and took a lot of money.He also  did not know what will be happening to him.


All of a sudden  he noticed  that a group of police force were pushing the crowd  into this Police Department and he was in that group.. There were a lot of people and they were all talking to each other and asking: “ Why are we here?”No one knew the reason . Meanwhile,A lot of people  in the crowd  were  released  because they were well dressed and clean but they kept  those who looked like bombs.


All of a sudden he realized that he was convicted  as a criminal and he had heard from his friends how the police will  deal  with them.The other people that were with him were asking the police:”why are we here and what are you going to do with us?”

One of the officers said:” You are criminals and we will kill you very shortly.”

The man said: “ What have I done to deserve punishment?”

The officer said:” You robbed a Bank.”

The man said:” I did not and I have my family waiting for my return.”

The Officer said:” No more questions.”


There  was a round red and empty pool very close to them.He felt the whole room was rotating around him when the police announced:”  Go around the pool and  stick your  heads out in the pool now.”The crowd were moving desperately. Some men and women were crying and some others were screaming with loud voice. Some were looking up and saying: “ God, please help.”


Chan was shocked when he saw a heavy , tall, red striped  with black background on a black horse officer with an axe in his right hand was approaching the pool . He knew it was the end of his life and although he was innocent but he thought god was punishing him because he hit his wife He said: I am sorry god. Please forgive me.”A man  from the group tried to  escape  but he was killed by one of the guards on spot.


The officer chopped the heads  all the members of the group including Chan.  The red blood  was pouring  in the pool and all over the floor.This was the  destiny  of a poor and innocent man in China.Did he deserve to be killed with  such a violence? Did his wife and his little girl deserved to be left with no support?No, of course not but Life never provides  any guarantee for anyone and sometimes the disaster happens without any warning.


Life still goes on .Babies are born and men and women die . This is the cycle of life and somehow  we create  our destiny; Therefore, we have to take advantage of every moment of our lives by  reaching our goals and our dreams and prosper.


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