How To Succeed In your Business

How To Succeed In your Business

I remember when I was in Industrial Engineering College, my instructor always encouraged us to come up with new ideas on how a  production Company will be able to increase the production. We had one Course on time study which was about reducing the production time in order to be able to increase the efficiency, reduce the cost of the product, and eventually make more profit which will lead to being able to stay above the competition.

This, of course, applies to any business.Meaning that by reducing the cost due to higher efficiency, any business will be more profitable; Therefore, the management is always looking for any possible way to cut the cost in order to be more profitable and receive more salary and rewards from the Owners.

Is there any other way for a Firm to be more profitable?Is there an easy way for a Company to have more customers which will lead to more sales and will produce more profit?

The Difference Between Franchise and Non-Franchise Business

I was listening to the radio a few days ago and the announcer was stressing on how 90% of the new Businesses file Bankruptcy in the first 5 years of their establishment and 90% of the Franchises are still in business after their first 5 years of starting.Is it not shocking?

What is the reason and why is it like this?It is because Franchises have a system of operation which has been successful since they started.What do they do?

1- They train the Franchisees how to operate and teach him the survival actions.

2- They deliver the ingredients or the products to them.

3- They help the Franchisees to Lease a Location ( Location has been researched to have high foot traffic)for his business.

4- They promote for Franchisees in order to get customers for them and to produce sales.

How To Save A Company From Bankruptcy

I remember when I was hired as Sales Executive by my father.He had a very small cosmetics and perfumery Company and he was hardly making any money.I decided to save the Business and bring it to a survival condition; therefore, I used my knowledge that I had gained in advertising course in order to prepare an efficient ad for a popular Magazine.

Within a few months, we got very busy; Therefore, we ordered more products, we hired more help, our sales within a few years went up from $50,000 per month to $500,000 per month,  we had a great lifestyle, And my father was admiring me and was telling everyone that I created a miracle.

What was the survival action? It was The New and Proven Promotion technique that guaranteed the success of the Business and due using that idea, not only I was able to save the Business, but also I was able to bring a lot of money to our Business.

New Proven Knowledge will Produce Magic

My father passed away many years ago Now we have the computer, cell phones, and new technologies in almost all fields; Therefore, there is also a very effective and New Advertising technologies called Copy Writing.

Most people are knowledgeable about it and they are well aware that we will be able to use it on any Business in order to obtain higher sales, higher production, and higher profit.Successful Companies put aside 14% of their profit for promotion which will bring them more customers and will result in more profit year after year.

It is much better and much more obvious for starting businesses. Whenever a business starts, no one knows anything about it; Therefore, it is in a condition called “Non- existence ‘ ”.What is the problem? The problem is that not only the Business is not making any money but also it is losing money because we have expenses like rent, salary, Insurance, overhead, and etc.

In this case, if the owner of the business does not do anything about this condition and just keep operating losing money every month, there will be a time that he will not be able to afford to operate; Therefore, he will have to close down. In some cases, the owners borrow money on their homes from the Banks or from their friends or from their relatives and continue for a few more years without changing anything but eventually, they will definitely lose whatever they borrowed and they will end up with more loss.

Discover Why The Proven Change Will Result in Survival 

Imagine the stress and the agony that you will be going through when you are not able to pay your bills. You will be fighting with the members of your business, you will be blaming others for this condition, you prefer to die rather than to live and to deal with this situation.

One day one of your friends calls you and asks you to go to his office because he has an idea for you to save your Business. You jump in your car and you get there in a few minutes. He introduces you to a man called “John Smith” who is a “Copy Writer” and John explains to you how he will be able to save your Business by “Copy Writing”.

Within a few months, your Business will start to be profitable because you are now having more clients, people know you, know your product, know the benefits of your product, and introduce you to their friends and to their relatives.

Imagine you are with your family in a 5 bedroom house with a view of the ocean, with beautiful red and yellow roses around a pool next to a jacuzzi. Imagine the servants are serving you and your family champagne and caviar while you are swimming or while you are in the Jacuzzi. How does it feel?It is all because you changed your operation and you allowed a Copywriter to help you.

Introducing Proven Results By Magical “Copywriting”

Yes, you guessed correctly. Copywriting is the key to success in any Business. What does a Copywriter do in order to lift up a Business?

1- E-mail Copywriting: By sending a professional and powerful sales letter, we will be able to increase the sales.

2- Direct MAiling: We will mail powerful sales letters to the clients in order to increase our income.

3- Web Copywriting: We will post powerful Sales letter into the website in order to attract clients from the internet.

All The Copywriters are Not The Same

  • Some are careless: They do not care to produce a good job.
  • Some do not have the knowledge: They do not know how to produce a good Sales Letter.
  • Some want only money and charge very high: It is not worth paying that much.
  • Some have a lot of customers and will take them a long time to respond to you: You will lose your timing.

Introducing Copy- writers.Org 

Why Should You Choose Us?

1- We know: We have completed Accelerated Copywriting Course offered by AWAI and we know how to produce a powerful sales Letter.

2- We are responsible: We care about your business and we feel a responsibility to do a great job and to deliver on time.

3- Free Consultation: We provide you with a free consultation and we will start if you are satisfied.

4- We Guarantee Our Work: If you are not happy, there will be no charge.

5- We give you Discount: 20% discount on your first job.

-6- We Promise: WE promise you that we will get results for you.

Call Us: 310-666-3755  Bijan

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